Posted by: dkobalt88 | March 29, 2008

Obama Caught Lying: Yes, he DOES take money from oil companies

Once again Obama has been caught lying — like he did about NAFTA, Rev. Wright, and Rezko. And once again, much of the mainstream press seems poised to excuse his lies.

At issue is an ad in which he makes the false and simplistic claim, “I don’t take money from oil companies or lobbyists.”

The Clinton campaign called him on it, noting that he has in fact received thousands of dollars from oil companies. But Obama is sticking to the deception, lamely claiming this represents independent contributions from individual workers, not oil company lobbyists.

But according to NBC and Obama’s own website a couple of Obama’s big money bundlers are oil executives. Robert Cavnar, CEO of a Texas oil company named Mission Resources Corp., raised $50,000-$100,000 for the campaign. George Kaiser, billionaire CEO at Kaiser-Francis Oil Company, raised the same amount.

Are CEO’s of oil companies the individual workers Obama is talking about? Will the press call him on this lie? Probably not, since he has yet to even receive flak for changing his story several times about Rezko‘s real fund raising role.



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  2. […] wonders where Ms. Brown was this time last year when we were already calling Obama out on his lies about taking money from the oil lobby. But better late than never. We’re glad to see some in the newsmedia are finally getting […]

  3. ACTUALLY, this is all propaganda. Do your research and follow the links in this article. ALL LIES set up to hurt Obama. That website that is set up in this article called “his website” leads you to a falsely set up website in which it shows you these names. However, if you continue to click through the website and try to register your name with zip code, it takes you to a page that says it does not exist. Hmmm….

    Who is grasping for straws at this point? The republicans or Hillary? Hmm, maybe both I think it is safe to assume.
    The republicans WANT Hillary to get the nomination, b/c McCain can beat her, but he CANNOT beat Barack Obama.
    I wish the lies would stop. It’s getting ridiculously boring!

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