Posted by: dkobalt88 | March 29, 2008

SurveyUSA: 58% majority of voters view Clinton favorably or neutrally…media refuses to report it

Media beating up Hillary with bogus poll.

The sexist biases of the pimply dorks who form left-wing nerd-o-sphere have taken over the mainstream media, so Hillary-bashing by the loudest 2% is reaching a fever pitch — especially as she creeps ever closer to a big win in Pennsylvania.

Such a win would further erode Senator Wright-on-Day-One‘s tenuous claims on electability. It would complete Mrs. Clinton’s big-state sweep and remind superdelegates, in the words of Steven Stark, that “no candidate in the modern primary era has ever been elected in November after failing to win more than one of the nation’s seven largest states” during the primary process.

The national media blowjob of Obama thus continues with lame pundits convincing themselves that the country doesn’t mind the anti-White, anti-American rantings of the Democratic frontrunner’s chosen father figure and closest adviser since 1988. NBC, home of such translucent Hillary haters as Keith Blowbermann and the perpetually lipless Chris Matthews — joined with conservative mouthpiece The Wall Street Journal to produce a poll — prObama (in the case of NBC) and anti-Clinton (in the case of the WSJ).

The poll’s dubious methodology including “oversampling” African-American voters. When this curio raised eyebrows, NBC hastily explained it was “to get a more reliable cross-tab on many of the questions we asked in this poll regarding Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on race and overall response to last week’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright dustup.” This is, of course, a fancy way of saying “we didn’t get the results we wanted the first time, so we went back and found some more black people who would tell us how much they hate the bitch.”

With the right Wright answers finally in hand, the announced results found Mrs. Clinton with a 37% positive rating and a 48% negative rating. Obama had a 49% positive rating and a 32% negative rating. Including the respondents with apparently neutral opinions on both candidates, simple math shows that even with the bad sample a 52% majority of poll respondents did not view Mrs. Clinton unfavorably. That number for Obama would be 68%, no thanks the the “oversampled” respondents I’m sure.

Predictably, mad media men pounced on negative angles to bash Mrs. Clinton.’s front page gleefully announced that his continued association with Wright was doing Obama no harm and that Mrs. Clinton’s unfavorable rating had reached a new high. Coming under fire for “oversampling,” all references to the poll were soon scrubbed from the website. CNN’s write-up didn’t even mention the “oversample.”

None of the rich media fatcats thought to ask why the same NBC/WSJ poll supposedly heralding her unelectability also showed her tied with Obama at 49% for the Democratic nod. If they had any objectivity or ethics, they might have wondered what Saint Obama being tied with a “monster” says about the nature of his negatives…or about the political correct politeness of poll respondents who know that to say anything another other than “Sure, I view Obama favorably” means being thought a racist.

But the press doesn’t ask real questions. Nor did they report the consistently monitored Rasmussen weekly favorable ratings for the same period which showed, as Michael Barone of US News & World Report analyzed, that while indeed Clinton’s unfavorables had risen (+5) in the past two weeks, Obama’s unfavorables had risen also (+6).

Guess Rasmussen didn’t “oversample” enough African-Americans to matter.

Nor did it matter to the press that the latest Pew Poll showed Obama growing “notably less popular among older, working class white Democrats” according to the Washington Wire. To paraphrase, Obama will lose the voters necessary to win Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the fall, an electoral disaster for Democrats.

“Shocking” SurveyUSA results debunked media’s anti-Hillary nonsense.

Luckily for the sane, SurveyUSA jumped into the fray with its own likeability poll. Though SurveyUSA has been proven time and time again to be the most accurate pollster by far — most notoriously predicting Clinton’s upset in California on Super Tuesday — the media continues to ignore its results. Not surprising, since they don’t job with the prevailing Obama rulez-Hillary droolz narrative.

SurveyUSA’s results say 42% view Clinton unfavorably and a clear 58% majority either view her favorably or neutrally. Without the benefit of “oversampling,” Obama’s numbers are barely different: 38% view him favorably to 40% unfavorably.

Further debunking the haters, among Obama’s base of youth voters aged 18-34, Mrs. Clinton’s unfavorable rating is only 4 points higher than his. So much for young people sitting out in their nonexistent hatred of Mrs. Clinton were she the nominee.

And, SurveyUSA must be shocked, shocked that only 34% of blacks view Mrs. Clinton unfavorably. 66% either view her favorably or neutrally. (85% of blacks view Obama favorably or neutrally. The remaining 15% of blacks should get awards for being the strongest and most principled group of people in the nation).

Clinton is still the clear choice among Hispanic voters, 74% of whom view her favorably or neutrally to 59% for Obama. This would bode well for her fall chances in Hispanic-heavy states the Democrats can pick up like New Mexico, Florida, and Nevada, further boosting her electability argument.

Will the mainstream media report SurveyUSA’s poll as gleefully as NBC’s “oversampled” one? Probably not.



  1. It still shocks me (as an independant) to hear Democrats say that nothing they can do to each other could possibly match what the evil Republicans will do to the nominee. “” clearly proves otherwise. If we step outside of our own partisan blindness, we could see that this very website, among other things, give men like Karl Rove warm-fuzzies when they think of Novemeber.

  2. Wow, I thought only folks like Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin had the shamelessness to actually refer to people as “pimply dorks” or nickname a candidate “Senator Wright-on-Day-One.” Do you think this adds to your credibility?

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