Posted by: iam0nly1 | April 19, 2008

Obama’s Divisive, Negative, Anti-Hillary Rallies

This really has to stop. Senator Obama has been allowed to make false assertions that he has run a positive campaign and has never attacked Senator Clinton. Well, we know this to be untrue. But what is even worse is that he has taken to being blatantly anti-Hillary at his rallies, even leading anti-Hillary chants and falsely accusing her of being the cause of his shortcomings.

Here, not only does he seem to use a lewd gesture (a certain finger) against Hillary, but he takes it upon himself to blame her for his, by all accounts, abysmal debate performance:

Further, when Snob-gate broke, he took to the trails and led his supporters in chants against Hillary, making his attacks personal, unlike his policy focused attacks on McCain:

This kind of thing really needs to stop.



  1. I fail to see the connection between what you’re saying and what I’m proposing. Are you claiming that Obama is going to turn the US unto a 3rd world country, despite the fact that his policies are extremely similar to Hillary’s?

    The way I see it, a vote for McCain out of spite against Obama is going to send the country down the road to further destruction. We are all (supposedly) democrats. This needs to go beyond petty arguments. I obviously don’t know who will be the democratic nominee, but I know who I would like it to be. I have plenty of reasons why I don’t like Hillary (perhaps more reasons than why you don’t like Obama), but if she were the nominee I would gladly vote for her instead of McCain. Please don’t use your votes in November as childish revenge instead of voting for sending our country in the right direction.

  2. Hillarity, maybe we would prefer to continue living in a country where the poorest of the poor live better than the middle class in plenty of other countries, where people literally risk their lives to come here. Maybe we don’t want to live like the citizens of third world countries where their main worry is not whether they could afford a new nintendo set for their child, but whether they can find a grain of food for their child. Maybe some of us still like living in America.

  3. Wow.. that’s the type of mature response I was hoping for.

    So, in other words, you really would prefer 4-8 more years of Bush, instead of voting for somebody with extremely similar positions to your candidate? 4 more years of war? 4 more years of a failing economy? 4 more years of piss-poor health care? Really, just out of spite?

  4. Why should I vote for a racist corrupt condescending incompetent pig that failed in Senate, dint accomplish anything and want to be president ? On what basis ? So he can write more books and sell them instead of doing the job he is elected to do ?

  5. hahahaha… this “blog” is hilarious. Thanks for the entertainment.

    On a more serious note, regardless of who the democratic nominee end us being, can we all agree to be adults (ie, get over the petty attacks, name-calling, and blaming one candidate for ruining the other’s chances..) and focus on beating McCain? I mean, do you people really want to vote for 4 more years of war and a poor economy just to get back at the person who beat your candidate of choice? It would be a pity to do such a great disservice to the country simply out of spite…

    Democrats unite. (please)

  6. Come on, people. Hillary started the negativity. She started the negative pamphlets in New Hampshire, talking about Obama’s “present” votes in Illinois. She had the first negative radio ad in South Carolina. And she had the first negative TV ad of the campaign in Wisconsin. She has NOTHING BUT negative ads going now, yet _she’s_ the one who is in the position of attacking the presumptive Democratic nominee. He’s forced to go negative, yet this blogger accuses him?

    The policies of Obama and Hillary are near identical. They will support each other once the Democratic nominee has absolutely decided.

    This blog isn’t particularly helpful for Democrats. Why not clean it up?

  7. Follow me to the airport to sell flowers my blind cult followers

  8. If you listened to what obama said you would see he is actually defending himself. Is he not allowed to do that? Defending yourself against attacks is negative???

  9. It is really funny to see Hillary supporters cry like little babies when Obama says something negative about her yet never mention anything when she says something negative about him. She is the one that began the “kitchen sink” strategy which had as its sole purpose the goal of tearing Obama down. She had a faulty strategy in the beginning which left her way behind and then she tries to climb out of the hole by tearing him down. Of course, she really had no other choice– her rhetorical abilities don’t match his and their message is basically the same.

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