Posted by: iam0nly1 | April 25, 2008

Calls to End Race Turn Violent

Forget the fact that Keith Olbermann, Howard Fineman and the NY Times (which was singing a different tune the day before the PA primary) are completely inaccurate in their assessment of who went negative first and who’s been the most negative, especially in Pennsylvania. Forget the fact that Olbermann’s “analysis” of Hillary’s TV ad was inaccurate. Forget the fact that they are essentially calling for the ending of the primary race before the remaining, now 11, contests are counted, and that Olbermann referred to the current state of the race as “over, over, over time…”. Forget the baseless personal attack leveled by Fineman, that “she wants to win on any terms she can win on.”

The exchange between those two men clearly discussed and advocated violence against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC commentator and host of “Countdown” and contributor Howard Fineman have seriously crossed the line. 

Threats of retribution“…”Talks of retribution…only beginning behind the scenes.”

“Someone who can take her into a room and only he comes out.”

Finemann is clearly saying, at Olbermann’s suggestion, that members of the Democratic party are plotting against Senator Clinton…a fellow Democrat and Former First Lady!!  They are apparently making threats. This alone is disgusting, and baseless behavior and suggestion.

But the part that is the most frightening and disturbing, is that Olbermann advocates, and dare I say, suggests, that some big “super duper, duper, delegate” takes her into a room, and that only HE comes out. 

This is clear a threat of violence

As a woman, who has been in the unfortunate circumstance of being alone in a room with a male who was physically larger and more powerful than myself, and fearing for my safety, Olbermann’s comment struck a nerve. Apparently he believes that some male superdelegate needs to get her in a room alone and “do what needs to be done” to her to force her out of the race…since she obviously will not go willingly

This is disgusting and deplorable. “Professional journalists” should not be advocating violence against a Presidential Candidate as though they were sitting at a bar or hanging out at the fraternity house. 

Some will argue that it’s just an analogy, while failing to grasp the sheer amount of women [and men] who are victims of this sort of intimidation or violent crime. The imagery alone of Senator Clinton alone in a room with a larger male, being intimidated or worse, to the point were only he emerges, is sickening. 

The “I Wish Hillary Married OJ” slogan wasn’t funny or harmless.

The “Wanna See Hillary Run? Throw Rocks at Her” slogan wasn’t funny or harmless.

The claim by a Washington Post “journalist” that she “needs a radio-controlled shock collar so that aides can zap her when she starts to get screechy” wasn’t funny or harmless.

Using violent imagery against a Presidential candidate is wrong, and even more disgusting when it’s gendered or racially based. 





  1. Of course the media has coddled Obama and thrown obstacles in the path of McCain and Palin. They trashed Hillary too. Just read the ongoing biased headlines and articles on CNN’s website … and the way CNN’s Jack Cafferty belittles Palin every chance he gets. CNN also moderates its blogs in favor of Obama, then closes comments after they load the posts with Obama bias. Also, slim balls like Daily KOS, Huffington, and US Weekly have shown gross bad judgement in their reporting. These irresponsible media sources have lost touch with objectivity, fair reporting, and responsible journalism.

  2. […] After all, two of your colleagues (Chris “Tweety” Matthews, and David Shuster) had to apologize for blatant sexism, and even you were forced to offer your non-apology apology for your violently sexist suggestions towards Senator Clinton.  […]

  3. […] atrocious sexism and misogyny is disgusting, yet not unprecedented, however we expected more from Democrats and liberals. Some argue the Hillary-hatred is because of Hillary and not her gender. However, any woman or […]

  4. I find both this statement totally objectionable as a woman, but what he and others have been saying for months now. The latest the other day with Clyburn surfacing again saying she is damaging Obama so he will never win and she can run again in 2012, is a hideous comment that went along with Olbermann’s response of if any democrat did that wouldn’t that be an act of political treason? Then later he said what should people do if they think traitorous acts are going on. The whole tone and use of language towards her as a woman is abusive constantly. She is called very name under the sun and then they get offended when she says something, or anything about Obama. I am also wondering as a follower of your campaign, whether Clyburn is coming out now before North Carolina to stir up more animosity towards the Clintons before the vote in North Carolina since she did well with working families in Pennsylvannia. He didn’t have to say anything about what people are telling him without some ulterior motive behind him coming out and saying it NOW. I think this complaining of CLinton being traitorous or destructive to Obama is nothing more that racism in reverse against a couple who have done so much for the African American community before. It is the Karl Rove strategy of taking a strength and making it into something to be detested or ridiculed. I see Clyburn wouldn’t mention any names either and I wonder why or whether it would look funny if all the people saying these things just happened to be African American?

  5. As a former abused woman. I can unequivacally say that this is scary journalism. What is more scary is that the powers that be in the DNC or any of the superdelgates supporting Obama or even Obama himself have not said enough of this. I guess that shows you that violence against women is still accepted.


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