Posted by: iam0nly1 | April 28, 2008

Obama: Down Ticket Dem Albatross

Senator Obama has a severe electability problem; ranging from his thin demographic appeal to his inability to win a large primary state that will actually matter for Democrats in the fall (excepting his home state). However, that is not what I wish to focus upon at this juncture.

It has become obvious that Senator Obama and his dubious and damning (no pun intended) associations have become an albatross for down ticket Democrats, especially those running for election in conservative districts or red states. First, there was the much discussed North Carolina ad, now yet another, this time in Mississippi, has been unveiled. 

Some Democrats contend that McCain is a nice guy and will step in and stop this, indeed he has tried. But McCain has no power or authority to prevent or pull these ads from the air, even he has said as much. Moreover, his attempts to stop them, however futile, only serve to make him look noble and above the fray, while the state GOPs and PACs eat Senator Obama alive. In short, his failed calls to pull the ads make him stronger and the Democrats weaker.

If there was ever any thoughts that these ads would be aired, Linda Daves, Chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party made their intentions very clear. 


Here is the full statement from Ms. Daves:

“Contrary to any media reports, the ‘Extreme’ ad will run as scheduled next week. There has never been any intention to pull the ad and it will air.

The ‘Extreme’ ad has garnered attention around the country. I want to thank the people across North Carolina and across the country who have shown overwhelming support for us. Our aim is to tell the truth and ask difficult questions. We will continue to do so.

People here in North Carolina should know that this ad is focused on Democrats Richard Moore and Beverly Perdue. By endorsing Barack Obama, they allied themselves with the most liberal person in the United States Senate. He is a candidate out of touch with the voters of North Carolina who does not share the values of North Carolinians. By refusing to stand up and rightfully denounce the statements made by his controversial former associates, Perdue and Moore are giving us the impression that they share these extreme views. The voters of North Carolina should be allowed to ask a legitimate question of candidates in North Carolina. Who do you choose to associate yourself with and how does that reflect on your judgment? It is true that your character is proven by the company you keep. Those who step forward to run for the highest post in North Carolina must show the best judgment. Perdue and Moore have shown poor judgment in their associations and the voters of North Carolina rightly question their actions and their continued silence.

Democrats in North Carolina are trying to inject race into this ad. This tactic, designed to further drive a wedge between the people of North Carolina, is despicable and wrong. This ad has absolutely nothing to do with race. It is completely factual and contains no information that has already received a public airing. Let me be perfectly clear: It is entirely inappropriate for voters to consider race when judging the quality of a candidate running for any office. If Senator Clinton had a pastor who made these same anti-American statements and the Democrat candidates for Governor endorsed her, we would be running the same ad.

Finally, I want to say that the North Carolina Republican Party has had and will continue to have a great working relationship with the RNC. We are entirely in support of John McCain for President. I have great respect and admiration for Senator McCain. He will be a great President when he is elected in November. As State Party Chairman, I serve in a dual role. Not only do I support our party’s candidate for President of the United States, I also have a duty to see that Republicans are elected across the state of North Carolina. This ad opposes two Democrat candidates for Governor in North Carolina. It poses a legitimate question about judgment for which the people of North Carolina deserve an answer.”

Tomorrow [Monday], North Carolinians will be seeing this ad on their televisions, if they haven’t already (via MSM):

But if the Democrats were going to be lulled into a false sense of security in thinking that this would be the only one, Southhaven, Mississippi Mayor Greg Davis has shattered those pipe dreams.  

Here is the ad Politico reports is already being run in Mississippi:

Once again, this ad is aimed at a down ticket Democrat. This time, one who was endorsed by Senator Obama. Will every Democrat in a conservative district, state or otherwise have to avoid Senator Obama so as not to encounter these kinds of ads?

These ads negate the theory espoused by the Obama campaign that they would be a help to down ticket Democrats. Further, there has already been evidence that many Obama supporters only came to the polls for him and didn’t extend their vote to down ticket Democrats. Once his image is even more bloodied, they may not come to the polls at all.





  1. This is what we’ve come to; when our candidate isn’t supported well, look to Fox f-in news for support. Sheesh. Why don’t we all just start wearing McCain pins, save them the trouble?

  2. You can thank the liberal media elites in America for shielding Americans from information regarding Obama that would have put Hillary on top already. Hannity, FOX News and other non-liberal entities have been trying to expose Barack ‘Fraud’ Obama for well over a year.

    Maybe these liberal elites thought Americans would never find out who Barack really is. Or maybe they did realize that we would all find out, but really didn’t care. I think the former is true because elites really do drink their own kool-aid. Just ask Harvard-educated Obama about his ‘bitter-gate’ comments.

    Does the Obama albatross feel comfortable around the necks of the elected Obama supporters yet? If not, just wait…this is just the beginning…

    Clunk on the forehead with the palm of someone’s hand: You could’ve had a Hillary!

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