Posted by: iam0nly1 | May 15, 2008

Why Obama Won’t Count the Votes: Hillary’s Winning

Just in case this little bit got missed in all the Obama campaign panic and dolling out of promises to get now meaningless endorsements, here it is for all to see:

Hillary is leading the popular vote:

Clinton: 16,691,283
Obama: 16,647,926

Also, for those of you who like to crunch numbers, take a look at these spreadsheets:

From TalkLeft, Bud White explains:


The Obama campaign has argued that Super Delegates ought to vote in accordance with the “will” of the people. Really? Then let’s run the numbers. Under that metric, who would have a lead in Super Delegates? The Super Delegate total from the states that Hillary has won thus far (including FL and MI) is 418, to Obama’s 372. If the MI delegates are split 50/50, Clinton still wins 403.5 to Obama’s 386.5. If Super Delegates are counted according to Barack’s formula, Hillary wins the nomination. Period.

The numbers are even more impressive after Hillary crushed Obama in West Virginia. WV has 11 Superdelegates. Hillary is now ahead, even if you exclude FL and MI: she leads 374 to Obama’s 372.


Thus, the Obama campaign has awarded Hillary the nomination, by their own metrics 🙂



  1. It’s an insult to reallocate our votes. Obama was on the ballot and chose to take his name off and Mark Brewer told us to vote ‘uncommitted’ if our candidate did this.

    Now the DNC wants to Obama more delegates than all if all ‘uncommitted’ were just for him (vs. Edwards, etc.)

    Either seat them the way we voted or don’t seat them at all – but do not pretend we count when DNC makes the decision!

    I’m tired of politicians guys just using us, and if they don’t use the real senario it would be worse than FL 00.

    First Superdelegates exist in case we’re not smarts enough to vote for the right one (notice how they always point out how stoopid and unedjakated Hillary voters are).

    Now DNC wants to ‘count’ the votes by making up numbers different than actually voted.

    We deserve more respect than that.

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