Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 1, 2008

Hijacking the Nomination

The Party needs a new name.

The Rules and Bylaws Committee flew in the face of the rules, the DNC constitution and Democracy when they decided to STEAL 4 delegates from Senator Clinton and arbitrarily assign them to Senator Obama. Apparently they have mind reading abilities and have assumed that not only did 100% of the 40.7% of those who voted “uncommitted” intended their vote for Obama (even though the suddenly sacred “exit polls” reportedly showed only 75% supported Obama), but that 9% of those who’s stated preference was for Clinton also meant to vote for Obama.

This is a theft of votes and an abortion of Democracy.

Harold Ickes said it best:

The precedent has now been set. Why don’t we just give Obama ALL of Hillary’s delegates?!?! How about every vote in this cycle that was “uncommitted” be added to Obama’s vote totals. Apparently it’s also okay to give him the votes of John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden. 

If only we had known from the beginning that it was a rules that if you take your name off the ballot, not only will they give you votes, but they’ll give you the votes that belong to your opponent.  

If you expect Hillary and her supporters to sit back and let this clear violation of Democracy stand, you haven’t been paying attention. See you in Denver!



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