Posted by: Puma1 | June 9, 2008

What Hillary Didn’t Say…and Can’t Do

Absent from Hillary’s breathtaking concession speech were her usual criticisms of Obama’s flawed candidacy. But they aren’t absent from the minds of the working class, moderate, centrist and swing voters who continue to reject the Democrats’ presumptive selectee.


Surprise, surprise! The pundit class has made an ass of itself again.

The latest chapter in the media’s and the DNC’s comical performance during this election was written when the same folks who buried Hillary Clinton have, in the wake of her 2008 campaign’s untimely death, lingered at the gravesite to praise her.

Witness, for example, Rep. Charles Rangel — who just days ago heaped public ridicule on Hillary for committing the first degree felony of wanting a few days to tie up loose ends before dropping out — admitting on Face the Nation that he now felt “awkward” for being “impatient.” Yeah, I feel ‘awkward’ too when I act like a callous insensitive jerk. Any odds on how unimpatient Charlie probably felt when Democratic good ol’ boy Teddy Kennedy took his 700-delegates-behind campaign to the convention in 1980?

My favorite ‘pay no attention to what I said five minutes ago’ moment came from HuffPo blogger Hilary Rosen, who must be suffering whiplash having gone from a pissy declaration that Hillary’s need to gather her thoughts for a few days meant she was “using” her voters as “bargaining chips” to a gushing exultation of Hillary a few days later with a “heart full of gratitude.” Rosen writes “I was tough on Hillary earlier in the week…she announced she would take her time. It doesn’t matter now whether that was the right decision.”

One has to wonder whether this last line refers to Hillary Clinton’s apparently not-so-evil choice to take a few days crafting a proper unity speech or to Hilary Rosen’s choice to document her whiny ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ manufactured outrage.

The sudden reversals are predictable, given that the modern reporter has the attention span of a schizophrenic puppy, and about half as much humanity, while the contemporary Democratic politician has about as much backbone as a jellyfish.

To anyone who has bothered to really listen to Hillary over the years with an open heart and mind, the person and personality conveyed at Saturday’s rally is nothing new. Indeed, it pales in comparison to the poised intelligence and might of her historic speech in Beijing at the 1995 United Nations Conference on Women. Besides the addition of an unduly generous endorsement of Obama, Saturday’s outing was par the course for Hillary, echoing equally graceful and uplifting performances given this year after her victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Of course, the real impetus for the belated “I Heart Hillary” pronouncements from seasoned pundit class bloviators like Arianna Huffington, Chris Matthews, and everyone’s favorite perpetually overreacting blowhard, Keith Olbermann, is that Hillary — even while having become the most powerful Democrat in the country at least until November — is no longer a threat to the Messiah from Trinity United Church of Hate.

Unfortunately for Obama and his disciples, the millions who remain repulsed by his glaring judgment, character, and policy deficits still do pose an insolent and growing threat to their planned left-wing coup of party and country. Hillary, a progressive Democrat to the core, no doubt wants to see a Democratic President. Her endorsement of Obama was convincing because she meant it. But even as she bowed out, what she didn’t say stood out as much as what she did.

She didn’t rescind her criticism of Obama’s plan for a massively wasteful $1 trillion tax increase on the middle class.

She didn’t say he would end the war in Iraq, likely because he’s flip-flopped so many times on the issue that even he doesn’t seem to know what he believes about the war.

She didn’t say his lack of experience isn’t still troubling.

She declined to say she would now support the Bush-Cheney energy bill, like Obama did.

She didn’t try to scare Democratic women by claiming electing McCain would mean goodbye Roe v. Wade, since she knows even Republicans silently admit abortion can never be, and will never be, made illegal and thus unsafe.

She didn’t say that Obama’s declaration to sit down with state sponsors of terrorism without preconditions in his first year isn’t still a terrible notion that threatens both American diplomacy and the stature of our allies.

She failed to ask why as Chairman of the Senate Europe and NATO subcommittee Obama failed to hold a single hearing, claiming he was too busy running for President.

She didn’t ask for an explanation of why he released a memo claiming she and several of her backers were racist, or how his campaign’s pushing of the false notion that she called for his assassination jibes with his calls for a new, less divisive brand of politics.

She didn’t say his health care plan isn’t just plain useless and awful.

She didn’t say his support for live abortion isn’t horrifying.

She didn’t ask he clarify why he was a member of an anti-White, anti-American church for two decades or whether or not he still considers domestic terrorist and murderer Bill Ayers a friend.

She didn’t note that it took Obama several months of lies and hedging to finally reveal the extent of his long business and political partnership with convicted crook Tony Rezko.

She did say she was leaving the horserace, but she didn’t say she could take Obama’s flaws with her. Even with her endorsement, she can’t do anything about those things which make him unfit for the Presidency, even in the eyes of fellow Democrats.

Neither can she, as CNN (Clinton Negative News) desperately and hilariously demanded, “deliver” her voters to Obama. Can 18 million people be wrapped in a box and re-gifted against their will? Maybe if it weren’t for that pesky thing voters sometimes do, which is exercise their right to vote based on criteria other than party affiliation, putting principles before partisanship. Maybe if the reasons so many rejected Obama in the first place would just fade away, too, when their disappointment from Hillary’s failed bid inevitably fades.

Unfortunately for the DNC, those reasons will not only remain but will be magnified by the McCain campaign, the right-wing attack machine, and by swing Democrats themselves who just won’t shut up and cede the nation’s oldest party to Facebook, YouTube, and the Daily Kos.

Aside from indicating that Obama’s flaws are not going away for huge blocs of the electorate, the swing state primary results make clear that the type of people who vote for Hillary are not the type who walk lockstep behind pundit opinion or partisan doctrine.

Hillary’s voters have in common a defiance — of the press and of party leaders who tried, and famously failed, to anoint Obama and push her out of the primaries early. In state after state, they summarily rejected Obama by sometimes embarrassing numbers even while being told over and over his nomination was a done deal. These voters have grown immune to attack, they’ve come to relish a battle, and having been taught by two masters of recalcitrance in Hillary and Bill Clinton, they will even defy the Clintons’ own support of Obama.

They are Hillary supporters, not Hillary’s slaves.

The Democratic Party continues to ignore widespread suspicion of Obama in their ranks at its peril, especially as the McCain camp ramps up efforts to attract these swing voters with its own “Citizens for McCain” outreach campaign. John’s moderate stances on immigration, the environment, energy, and campaign finance coupled with his long record of bipartisanship, penchant for bucking his party, respect for veterans, national security competence, and unquestionable patriotism offer an attractive alternative for Democratic voters angry at the DNC and wary of electing a left-wing Bush term in the form of Barack Obama.

Time will tell if oblivious superdelegates admit that something is rotten in the state of the Party, but in the meantime, when is somebody going to demand Dennis Kucinich drop out and drag his supporters over to Obamaland?



  1. I agree with your article, but not with your call to retire Mrs. Clinton’s debt before the Convention.

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  3. This is quite a good statement. I do agree with you. Thanks.

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