Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 10, 2008

Hillary is NOT Releasing Her Delegates

Apparently there is a rumor circulating around the internet that Senator Clinton is releasing her delegates. The people propagating this falsehood claim to have gained this information via the conference call Senator Clinton held yesterday for her delegates. 

As an alternate delegate, who was on the call, I can say unequivocally that there is no truth whatsoever to the claims that she is releasing her delegates. 

In fact, Harold Ickes, who took over after Senator Clinton left the call to answer questions from callers, said specifically that Senator Clinton suspended her campaign in part because she felt “strongly” that the 300 remaining PLEO delegates left to be chosen, specifically the 190 of those to be allocated to her deserved to be able to stand with her and show their support.  He said that efforts are being made to fill those spots with “Hillary delegates.” Also, we were informed that Senator Clinton would like to use her delegates to lobby the Platform Committee to push truly Universal Health Care, “no exceptions, no excuses.”

There seems to be a concerted effort by Obama supporters and the web, and Howard Dean to strip Senator Clinton of her delegates. Please do not be taken in by these lies. Please see here and here for more confirmation that his story is untrue. 

Here are are the notes I took as I was on the call:

Mike Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia introduced Hillary on the call.
Said it is a tremendous honor to be asked to introduce her. We are informed that Harold Ickes is on the call and will stay on after Hillary leaves to answer questions. Nutter thinks Hillary is the best person for the job and that she will continue to be a center piece for the dialogue of the party going forward.

Thanks Mayor Nutter says it is was an “honor and pleasure to campaign with him in Pennsylvania.” Thanks all delegates and committee leaders. Appreciates our support. Gone through a lot and it is critical that we know that she values us. She’s seen and been told that we have canvassed and traveled for her, and given our energy and time, and is proud of the strides we’ve made. More than 35 million people have cast a ballot, many new voters, women, Latinos, AA, rural, suburban, you name it. She is proud to have gotten more votes than anyone ever running for the presidential nomination. 

“This past Saturday I spoke to all of you, urging all of my supporters to help elect Barack Obama our President.” She says she outlined urgent problems facing us…threats to safety, economy, health care. “I ran for President to elect a Democratic President.”

“I particularly spoke to the women across this country who stood with me.” First time in our history that a woman had ever won a primary. Ground breaking campaign, sent a message across America. 

“We’re going to continue our fight for people who have felt invisible for too long.” Asks us to remain united together in our common purpose. Says that many of us (pledged delegates) have questions about how we are going to be proceeding toward the Convention. Will maintain a staff to answer such questions. Harold Ickes has done an incredible job maintaining delegate outreach. She is in conversations with Senator Obama and his campaign to keep faith with his supporters but also intergrate our supporters as we move forward. 

“I will see all of you in Denver.” Will have events and things in Denver so that she can meet us and thank all of us personally. “Profoundly thankful that you have made this journey with me.”

“Thank each of every one of you.” We have a lot more work to do. 

She then turns the call over to Harold Ickes.

Harold Ickes:
All of us can be extrodanairily proud of our cnandidate. The last three months have been really extroidanary. 

On Saturday she said she was suspending her campaign. The reason she took that course was because there are about 300 delegates left to be allocated, and 190 delegates are at-large PLEO delegates that she won. If she had withdrawn those delegates would have been reallocated to him. She felt strongly that those people who had worked hard for her should be allowed to represent and stand with her at the Convention.

Those delegate slots will remain hers. Will be helping to make sure they will be filled with Hillary delegates. 

Still working out in what capacity she will go to the Convention. “She is clearly supporting Senator Obama.” She has some critical issues she feels very strongly about, among that Universal Health Care without exceptions. Meetings in the next week or so to ensure that those kinds of issues will be pushed at the platform committee process and at the Convention itself. No plans yet on paper. Asking that her delegates stay as a group, to an extent that they want to do that to make sure that the 18 million people who supported her are heard at the convention and fight for the issues she advocated for during the primary process. 

Harold then opens the call up to questions. 

Neil, a questioner, says “point blank,” people are saying they won’t vote for Obama if she isn’t on the ticket. Says he has heard this far and wide and that people are angry with what has occurred. Asks Harold to promise to do everything in the campaign’s power to get her on the ticket so that we can take back the White House. 

Harold says he thinks she would be an “enormous asset to the ticket.” However, he points out that the VP choice is solely up to Obama. He points this out twice during his answer. Says that Obama will work out who the VP will be “in the coming…before the convention, obviously.”

Another individual asks if and how delegates are released:
Harold says that no delegate is required to vote for a candidate to which she or he is pledged. They may support whomever they want.  


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