Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 11, 2008

Dean Wants Clinton Off Convention Ballot for “Unity”

What he really means is for the “selectee.”

We mustn’t let it get out that over half of the Democratic Party actually supports Senator Clinton. We mustn’t let anyone know that there are actually delegates who are refusing to fall in line behind “The Chosen One” or who are still committed to expressing their preference for Senator Clinton and representing the 18 million voters who chose her.

The New York Times Reports:

When Mr. Dean reached out to Cynthia Ruccia, who started an organization of female Clinton swing-state voters threatening to vote for Mr. McCain, Ms. Ruccia asked that the Democratic convention include a symbolic first ballot for Mrs. Clinton’s delegates. Mr. Dean discouraged the idea on the grounds of unity. [emphasis mine]

Howard Dean the DNC are clearly trying to suppress Senator Clinton’s support and prevent her multitude of pledged delegates from voting for her at the Convention. They are running scared, because they are well aware she could still take this thing when it comes to a vote at the Convention.

Apparently it’s not enough that the RBC, on the DDD (the Day Democracy Died) arbitrarily and while dancing on the grave of “the rules,” not only reassigned 55 “uncommitted” delegates to Senator Obama, but also hijacked 4 of Senator Clinton’s delegates and handed them to Senator Obama, officially making him the “selectee,” now they want to just throw out the voting all together and prevent pledged delegates or superdelegates (who can change their mind up until they submit their secret first ballot) from even having the option of voting for Senator Clinton, the popular vote winner. 

Senator Clinton’s name should be on those ballots, as she has not released her delegates. The same holds true for Senator Edwards and any other candidate that earned delegates and suspended their campaign. 

This is disgusting. The Democratic(?) Party needs a  name change, stat. 



  1. Hi pumas4change,

    Thank you for your comment. I just thought I’d let you know to be careful about writing Hillary in, because in some states it will be counted as a vote for Obama.

    I am of the mind that the most potent way to tell the DNC we don’t approve is to vote McCain, but I understand your hesitance to do that. Just be sure that your state doesn’t automatically count write-in votes for Hillary for Obama (as they are both listed as Dems).

  2. If he’s this much of a tyrant as head of the DNC, we can all thank our lucky stars he never became President.

    I just don’t know what to think anymore. I’ve quit the party, and I don’t know who to vote for this year. I’ll probably just write in Hillary, since there is no one else decent running.

  3. FlowerChild2,

    Thanks for your response. I cannot believe the arrogance of Obama and Dean. It certainly doesn’t help party unity for Dean to be suggesting that Hillary wouldn’t call him back. Plus, it is not like she doesn’t have assistants he could call.

    Let the woman rest. But more than that, don’t suggest that the ire is on her part and you didn’t think she wouldn’t answer the phone.

    Dean needs to go.

  4. Reading the top right comment of Obama’s on this page, shows his arrogance and ignorance. Dean appeared on Morning Joe yesterday, (that’s the only reason I watched). Dean was asked if he had spoken to Senator Clinton. Dean responded that he had called her and was surprized she had returned his call from her vacation. What nerve…calling her on vacation. This must have been the reason. If anyone knows how to split the party, Dean certainly does and has.

  5. Jackie, you are exactly right.

    For most Hillary supporters it’s not about who wins it’s about how they “win.” We all want to see Hillary win, otherwise we wouldn’t have voted for her, but the nomination should not be handed to her opponent because of corrupt leadership.

    Let the people vote!

  6. I think Mr Dean should stop his continued attempts to circumvent party “rules” Mr Obama does not have enough pledged delegates to assure the nomination. The superdelegates may well put him over the top at the Convention, but his contued tampering with the election should stop.

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