Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 11, 2008

Now We Know Why Obama Was Against the Gas Tax Holiday…

He doesn’t seem to think that high gas prices are a problem:

1) President Bush DID have an energy policy…it was Dick Cheney’s Energy Bill…yeah, the one Obama voted for

2) Did he just say he would prefer a “gradual” increase in gas prices…so it’s not the price that’s the problem, it’s the timing?

3) If you wanted to do something to help “American pocketbooks” perhaps the GAS TAX HOLIDAY would have been a good idea, ya think? Especially since he’s embraced the windfall profits tax which we know by now could be used to pay for it.

4) Did he just reference “the market” as the solution to the gas price issue? Has he become an unabashed Republican, or has he simply forgotten that high gas prices aren’t a function of the market but the result of price and market manipulation?




  1. Very informative, is there an alternative to gas car alternative fuel car

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