Posted by: dkobalt88 | June 11, 2008

Rebellion Roundup #2 – A Little Bit of Hillary in All of Us


As always we begin with the grand old man of Swingcrat opinion, Savage Politics, who in the wake of yet another Obama staff resignation questions Obama’s terrible judgment in choosing his associates:

“Khalidi was more than just a friend to Barack Hussein Obama, he also received thousands of dollars (more than $40,000) from the Woods Fund to found the Arab American Action Network (a group that has termed SUICIDE BOMBING as a ‘just’ way of resisting ‘oppression’ of Israel), an organization that Mr. Obama headed for many years next to his other friend William Ayers, a well known and unrepentant domestic terrorist. It seems that being friends with Obama always ends up helping corrupt individuals like Johnson, Holder, and Khalidi in finding the ‘cash’ they need for their ‘wholesome’ activities.”

If we elect a President with friends like these, will America need foreign enemies?

Anglachel’s Journal, always looking for the broad intellectual angle, warns the left that they have become what they once claimed to despise — a snarling pack of liars, minus the right-wing policies.

No Quarter USA, the most visited site in the Swingcrat/PUMA network, has been up and down lately due to malicious attacks by Obama’s army of online hackers — no doubt to the consternation of thousands.

Can’t the nerds go back to jerking off to World of Warcraft characters and stay out of politics?

Caucus Cheating pulls an Elia Kazan and names names in the vast left-wing conspiracy. Liberal Rapture briefly mentions a nasty little rumor floating just below the surface in the vast right-wing conspiracy: that Obama is not just an inexperienced liberal elitist whose proto-Islamic background makes him out of touch with Americans, but that he is not even legally eligible for the Presidency. Could this end up being Obama’s Swift Boat, a stealth, summer gossip piece that no one takes seriously but that later explodes into the mainstream in the fall? Imagine all those swing state voters going into their voting booths with this juicy little tidbit of xenophobic doubt in the back of their minds. The Obama campaign has not been forthcoming about the contents and whereabouts of BHO’s birth certificate.

I guess now is not the time to point out that the Antichrist tale has the spawn of Darkness coming to power in a foreign land…

Political Discontent holds out hope for a brokered convention to save the Party. Methinks it’s time to let that hope fade and hope for McCain to save the country.

For anyone who thinks Clinton women can’t stand up against the Obama tide, For Hillary pointedly refuses to be guilted into voting for Obama with the race card. And with devastating precision, Uppity Insulted Democrat responds to the to the Roe v. Wade fear card by berating Obama’s young female fans for being swooning, shallow ingrates:

Roe v Wade isn’t going anywhere. If Roe vs Wade could have gone anywhere, that pig George Bush would have seen to it long ago…

If my younger sisters lose Roe Wade it will be their own fault for taking the rights they have for granted, because they didn’t fight for them. They are complacent and can take the time to swoon over a sexy empty suit who has already set gender relations back a minimum of 30 years, and we haven’t even gotten to the General Election campaign yet. Serves them right. Not my problem. I know how not to get pregnant…

I have already done well in my life. Complacency is their enemy, not mine. They don’t appreciate what the previous generation of women went through so that they could spawn for Obama, and they don’t deserve my help any longer.”

Damn. I’m gonna tell them like my grandmama told me: “If you can’t say Amen, say Ouch.”

Over at ground zero for the HRC army, Clinton Supporters Count Too, they wonder if all the Democratic officials declining to go down with the Obama ship signals the end of FDR’s New Deal coalition.

Somewhere, Ayn Rand is smiling (between burns).

Come A Long Way matter-of-factly points out that despite all the newfound respect for Senator Clinton within the DNC leadership, it may be too late to apologize anyway, not that the Obama campaign seems inclined to do so.

We leave with an excerpt from a poignant, must-read piece over at HillBuzz contributed by a “conservative kind of guy” from Illinois named Sebastian:

“So, I’ve got some news for Hillary Clinton, for her supporters, and for the Obama campaign, the DNC, and the media too. THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF HILLARY CLINTON IN ME NOW. You pushed her out of the race: congratulations. Can you push me out now too? What about the millions — 18 million to be exact – of people like me out there? People who all demand and deserve better from the Democratic Party

“Hillary Clinton, wherever you are, you probably don’t know what you have done, and the media sure as heck isn’t paying attention, but the real political story coming out of this election is indeed Hillary’s Army of Clinton-to-the-Core believers who won’t ever stop working hard for our champ, or for her vision for America.”

That pretty much says it all, don’t it? Sebastian from Illinois, we salute you.

Onward, forward, no white flags!



  1. […] Me on the Left wonders, as we did yesterday, where the heck Obama’s birth certificate and passport ran off […]

  2. dkobalt88, a helpful, summarizing post. Thanks. I have one question. Why must you give up on Hillary in order to support John McCain? The two positions go beautifully hand-in-hand. We keep her chances alive until the vote(s) at the Convention. (Does Dean really think he can get away with a Convention without a roll call?) We support McCain with money, with signs (Hillary Supporters for McCain)at his rallies, and we develop centrist ideas in common. This is not such a bad place to be if one would like to deep six the extremist influence at both ends of the political spectrum. It must be done thoughtfully, though.

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