Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 12, 2008

Clinton Donors Say No Deal!

Looks like the rebellion goes all the way to the top…and it has deep pockets. 

According to The New York Times:

While it appears that many Clinton backers are poised to begin immediately raising money for Mr. Obama, the presumed Democratic nominee, several categorically ruled that out in interviews. Others said they drew the line at collecting cash for the Democratic National Committee, whose chairman, Howard Dean, angered many Clinton donors over how he handled the dispute over whether to seat convention delegates from Florida and Michigan.

“The Obama campaign has a lot to show me before I will consider being there for them,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, co-founder of the clothing company Esprit and a longtime friend of Mrs. Clinton.

Ms. Buell said she wanted to see how Mrs. Clinton was treated over the next few weeks, a sentiment that she said was shared by many of the women, especially, in her donor network.

“Hillary has asked us to do all we can for Barack,” she said. “I listen to that and respect that, but personally I need to evaluate.”

Ms. Buell is certainly Obama-skeptical. More than that, she is willing to think for herself on the issue. As Hillary supporters, yes, we appreciate what Hillary has said and the gracious and amazing way in which she said it, but we reserve the right to make our own decisions about who we shall support, when we shall do it, and under what conditions. While Ms. Buell is waiting for certain conditions to be met, others have made up their minds:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a top Clinton fund-raiser, telecommunications entrepreneur and member of the Democratic national convention’s platform committee, said she had questions about Mr. Obama’s trustworthiness. If he does not answer them, Ms. de Rothschild said she would at least consider voting for Mr. McCain or even working for him.

“I love my country more than I love my party,” said Ms. de Rothschild, who said she had been receiving entreaties from both Mr. Obama’s and Mr. McCain’s backers. “I can’t just fall in line.” [emphasis mine]

Yep, Ms. de Rothschild sounds like a PUMA. Others apparently want to meet Obama face to face and have a little bit of a talk with him. 

Many Clinton fund-raisers, however, say they want to wait until a meeting is scheduled between the two candidates and Mrs. Clinton’s “Hillraisers,” those who have raised $100,000 or more for her. For some, it is a matter of ensuring that Mrs. Clinton gets the proper credit, while others are waiting for the chance to question Mr. Obama.

Lanny Davis, a former special counsel to President Bill Clinton and a Hillraiser, made clear that he was willing to do whatever he could to raise money for Mr. Obama, but he said he wanted the opportunity to ask Mr. Obama about what Mr. Davis described as “personal characterizations he made about Senator Clinton.”

“It’s something called closure,” Mr. Davis said. [emphasis mine]

I’d also like to ask Senator Obama about the many “personal characterizations” (putting it mildly) he levied against Senator Clinton. It’s something called respect. 

But here’s the ultimate kicker: Dean has doomed the party with his failure to lead and blatant efforts to fix the nomination.

But several Clinton fund-raisers said they harbored too much ire for Mr. Dean to raise money for the party, even if they said they were willing to support Mr. Obama.

“Howard Dean and the D.N.C. will not get one penny from me or any of my friends,” Mr. Davis said.

Looks like some Clinton donors are joining together to Just Say No Deal!



  1. Hillary is a class act. She just gets better and bettter. The speech she gave last night was awesome. A GRAND SLAM HOME RUN!!!!

    I cannot bring myself to move over to the Obama camp. The DNC treated her poorly. The Obama camp treated her poorly, and so did the Press. Why would I listen to anything they say?

    I never thought I would hear Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews praise Hillary for anything. They were always looking to throw her under the Bus.

    Barack Obama does not have the experience to lead this country. Hillary does, but alas it’s too late. We just have to look toward 2012.

    By the way, I will not vote for McCain.

  2. to Leon, I just read your post dated 7-4-08 at 1:42. Thank you for writing such an intelligent and fact based letter. I agree with every word and just want to pledge the following. Starting tomorrow I will knock on doors and send blast-mails and talk talk talk to anyone I can in an attempt to educate them about the danger of Barack Hussein Obama. I am dedicating several hours a week to accomplish this goal. I firmly believe that all Americans who LOVE this great country must help our country now from within the borders of our country. All the troops who are in harms way and fighting for our freedom deserve our support. We must do everything we can to make certain that this socialist with a global agenda does get an opportunity to DESTROY this great nation.. For anyone reading this who isn’t aware of Obama’s truce with the United Nations you must look up U.S. Senate bill 2433. It’s knows as the Global Poverty Act but it’s Obama’s way of forcing all Americans to pay taxes and these taxes will go directly to the corrupt United Nations to distribute around Africa in any way they see fit. Senator Joe Biden is trying to get this bill thru the senate on a voice vote. This is just one more factual example of the frightening agenda of this unknown extremist who I believe is anti-white, anti-jew, anti-american, and most of all has been tutored in his political career by radicals of many colors and backgrounds. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. I’m not happy about it and I will gladly give my vote to the patriotic, experienced Republican, John McCain, even though I’ve never voted republican before.

  3. Obama was SELECTED, not elected as the presumptive nominee for the DEMS. Is there anything else to say about it? We must do what is right and ensure that Obama does not get the votes needed to win in the general election..

  4. I urge everyone who visits this site to cast a vote for McCain. I also believe that if you love your country and you want America to remain a sovereign nation you only have one choice in November. McCain is the only candidate deserving of your vote at this time. He loves his country, he is a patriot and his record shows him to truly be able to cross party lines to accomplish goals. I’ve morphed into a Republican, because I am 100% convinced that Obama is a threat to our great nation in every way. to all Dems hold your head up high and cast a vote for McCain. We must band together and make it impossible for the corrupt Obama to “roll” into Washington. I have done ample research on this politician and after the Nov elections I will be participating in a movement to RECALL Obama from his day job as a sitting Senator of the U.S. I believe he is a threat to our nation.

  5. Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself…!!Howard Dean is a good for nothing politician and Henry Reid is as corrupt as they come…There is the trifecta of power on the Dem side of the aisle.. I am embarassed for the Dems this year, because they SELECTED Obama. He was not elected as the presidential nominee. I am boycotting the DNC and to show my power I will vote for McCain. I respect Donna Brazille but I will not take a chance on Nobama 08 winning because we don’t use our voice. Every man and woman in America who loves this country can only vote for McCain. Having said all that, I still hold out a small hope that the SUPER delegates will feel and hear the surge of citizens against the corrupt and inexperienced Obama and fear for their own re-elections. On the convention floor maybe just maybe Hillary will be elected…..

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