Posted by: Puma1 | June 12, 2008

Rebellion Roundup #3 — “Endorse Obama? No Can Do!”

I’ll do anything that you want me to

I say, I’ll do almost anything that you want me to

But I can’t go for that

No, no can do

~ as performed by Hall & Oates



Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to disenfranchise voters in order to nominate a demonstrably underqualified left-wing radical to the Presidency.

We begin, as usual, with the duke of democracy, Savage Politics, who gives a rundown of the moderate Democratic superdelegates declining to jump on the Obama bandwagon and promises to play a pivotal role in the Rebellion by promoting the “coordinated efforts of thousands of voters who simply have had enough.”

Betcha Brazilezebub didn’t see this coming.

Come a Long Way takes on the noble and necessary cause of paying off Hillary’s debt. Heidi Li does as well, while reflecting on Senator Clinton’s strength. In light of the Democratic leadership’s efforts to strip Hillary of her delegates using her debt as leverage, we encourage all muscular Democrats and Independents to follow suit.

Skip the freedom fries, kids, show Hillary some monetary love!

No Quarter USA, piggy-backing off The Confluence, reminds exasperated voters that the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee selectively enforced its own ‘rules,’ declining to disenfranchise Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire for committing the same unforgivable error as Michigan and Florida.

All states are created equal, but small states and red states are more equal than others.

The Confluence also notes, along with McCain Democrats, the aforementioned Hillocrat officials in the party leadership backing away from Obama.

They must be racist or something.

Democrat in Exile (the blog former knows as Men for Hillary), becomes exactly the eighteen-millionth person to wonder where all the outrage about sexism was when it was actually happening:

“I predicted that you wouldn’t hear much from the DNC or Obama about women’s issues or sexism, or anything that might even marginally elevate Senator Clinton as a woman dealing with rampant bias, or as an activist woman, standing up for women everywhere…until after the nomination process is over.”

Yup. Real men wear pink.

Hillary’s #1 grassroots volunteer, Chad over at Hillary Green Mountain, joins in urging revolution.

Calm down, Chad, it’s just a bloodless rebellion. No guillotines here.

A similarly excited writer at Democrats for McCain gleefully hails the media attention received by the growing Swingcrat/PUMA movement.

When Fox news turns to you to help criticize the Democratic party, you know you’ve arrived…

That’s Me on the Left wonders, as we did yesterday, where the heck Obama’s birth certificate and passport ran off to.

Is that a bird? Or plane? Nope, it’s a swift boat!

Our informal advice to Obama: I know you’re buoyed by the polls, but release the documents and end the speculation now. Within the mystery surrounding your origins, a Fall pitfall awaits. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Obama WTF is on fire, reprinting our own “Need Reasons” page, calling Obama out for his daily flip-flops, and dismissing the birth certificate speculation while simultaneously laying a smackdown on His Royal Inadequacy:

“People opposed to Obama have long recognized that there is no need to smear the candidate with false rumors, such as the current nonsense about his birth-certificate…his books, mentors, financial backers, speeches, votes and actions do a more than adequate job of revealing Obama’s unsuitability to lead our great country.”

Or our “mean” country if you’re Mrs. Obama.

Pan Metron laments the Obama coup’s first spoils system move: the relocation of DNC headquarters to, Chicago. For Hillary wonders if it’s “so that Obama can be closer to the court house once he’s indicted.”

Be nice, guys, it’s a smart move. Now that millions of Americans think the party is hopelessly corrupt, why not move headquarters to the only town with sleazier politics than D.C.?

Tom in Paine notes the foreshadowing of this move, since Chicago was the site of the divided and violent 1968 Democratic Convention.

It’s all part of the 48-state “Unity” strategy, folks, don’t be alarmed. Nothing to see here. Besides, all the police brutality is going to be in Denver, if the New York-based party crashers over Million Women March get their demonstration permit.

I’m lightheaded already.

Political Discontent reports on the growing outrage in the mainstream media , and even in the liberal media, over Keith Olbermann’s latest slam on a too-big-for-her-britches woman: Katie Couric.

Wait…Katie Couric?

You know, when your manhood feels threatened by Katie Couric, it may be time to go ahead with that penis enlargement operation. Time for Ogre-mann to lay off the androstene, no? The LA Times thinks so, according to Hillary Wins.

Rezko Watch wonders when the honorable Rev. James Meeks, Obama spiritual mentor (and anti-White racist, shhhh), will join Granny Dunham, Ms. Power, Rev. Wright, “Vetter” Johnson, Alice Palmer, Trinity United, Rezko, Mr. Goolsbee, Father Pfleger, and Billy bin-Ayers underneath the Obama Bus.

We wonder who would win in a fight? Obama’s bus, or Christine?

Hire Heels is nonplussed over the suddenly popular anti-McCain Roe v. Wade scare tactic and unimpressed by Obama’s own judgment on judges:

“Supreme Court appointments and the protection of Roe v. Wade is something that Obama supporters and the media like to hang over our collective heads. This gets a big yawn from me — Obama did not support the filibuster of Justice Samuel Alito, and he reportedly supported Chief Justice John Roberts before being told that his support may hurt his future presidential run…Obama was for John Roberts before he was against him.

“Besides, presidents only nominate Supreme Court Justices. The senate confirms them. If the Democratic-controlled congress will grow a pair and make abortion a litmus test during the confirmation hearings, then this becomes a non-issue.”

Don’t hold your breath. The only active Senator with a pair is too busy is on her vacation.

Uppity Insulted Democrat calls Obamaland’s criticisms of McCain bitter, baseless, balogna, which leads us into today’s must-read from Jeff Gold at Stop Obama. Jeff offers a detailed, persuasive, and altogether excellent article laying out the sensibly centrist case for McCain:

McCain is not Bush. He is centrist in his social and domestic policy, and internationalist in his foreign policy. He has an unquestionable commitment to Democracy and Human Rights, and has surrounded himself with individuals with a record of defending both in the name of America’s national security interest.”

From Jeff Gold’s mouth to our tearducts.

Onward, forward, no white flags!




  1. Great article. Thanks. We’re standing strong and will vote McCain in November. The Axelrod gang can think and say whatever propaganda they like. We remain unmoved and united against them. While Barack may know many who aren’t the people he knew, unfortunately for him we know exactly who he is and what he represents. He will be joining his ‘unknown’ friends under the bus. I’m sure they’ll give him a warm welcome.
    SavagePolitics fights on for the takedown of corruption and the sexist race card manipulator candidate.

  2. An interesting read, and a deserved compliment to Savage Politics.

  3. The real reason that the DNC is moving to CHICAGO is so that all the lies and distortions come from the same place..

    a good con knows this…

    In addtion when Obama loses, the DNC will need to find a cheap rental some where outside DC, because Obama’s loss will be the death blow of the Democratic Party…the DNC is putting all their chips on the table with a gamble on BO, when they could have won with Hillary.

    The truth hurts.

  4. Do you know that Infanticide is worst than abortion?

    Infanticide is the killing of babies who survived abortion.

    Do you know that the charming and eloquent speaker, Senator Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate who support killing of babies who survived abortion?

    Do you know that Senators Clinton, Kennedy and Kerry agreed a mother’s right to “choose” stopped at her baby’s delivery?


  5. Women should vote for McCain because he will:
    1. Finally put a Supreme Court justice in to overturn Roe v Wade.
    2. Keep money in your pocket rather than give it to children with cancer that don’t have health insurance (their parents should have thought of that before having kids!).
    3. He will keep our troops in Iraq indefinitely, and does not trust the Iraqi police or military to be self-sufficient.
    4. He thinks Evolution is “just a theory”, like all good-minded Christians, and wants biology classes in the United States to reflect this fact, finally breathing Creation Science into our science curricula.
    5. Obama made some offensive statements about Hillary while compaigning for the nomination.

    So, for those of us angry at Obama for his remarks, we also have very good reason to elect McCAin!
    This is so full of half truths and distortions, I don’t know where to begin. First of all, the Roe v. Wade scare tactic isn’t working. The reasons why are addressed in this article, which you clearly did not read. I suggest you read it.

    You grossly distort Sen. McCain’s positions on health care and Iraq, which is in keeping with the Obama camp’s lame scare tactics and character assassination campaigns. Obama’s health care plan will accomplish nothing since it is not universal, and his position on Iraq is nonexistent since he keeps flip-flopping.

    Evolution is indeed a scientific theory, not a scientific law. You might try to educate yourself on the difference.

    Instead of lying about Senator McCain, your time would be better spent explaining why Obama’s policy and vision for America is worth voting for. Of course, when a candidate has no good policies and when his vision is nothing but empty recycled slogans, it’s no wonder you have nothing to contribute.

    Thank you for your comment,


  6. I just love these “Rebellion Roundups” 🙂

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