Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 13, 2008

WTF, Olbermann?!?! Couric’s Correct!

First and foremost, thanks Katie. Your words are true and needed.

I’m sure all of Hillary’s supporters, and Hillary herself, appreciate the long awaited acknowledgment of the egregious sexism that we all suffered at the hands of the media.

We also appreciate your courage and fortitude to speak up about it last year:

What Katie said and did was correct, needed, and long awaited.

But my joy over this, albeit late, acknowledgment was shattered by the now common foil to valid claims of sexism. Keith Obamamann is back to his characteristic bloviating again (or did he ever stop…I don’t know, because I can’t stand to watch his feigned, selective, indignation):

Keith Olbermann is a joke.  “Nonsense,” ehh?

Seems like that’s the same sentiment you had about Elton John when he dared mention that some people held misogynistic views:

Seems like we’ve got a little pattern going on here, Keith. Anybody who acknowledges the realities of sexism makes it onto your list of Worst People in the World…which is difficult considering at least one space is always dedicated to your competitor Bill O’Reilly. 

I guess the charges are just a bit personal for ya’, huh, sweetie?

After all, two of your colleagues (Chris “Tweety” Matthews, and David Shuster) had to apologize for blatant sexism, and even you were forced to offer your non-apology apology for your violently sexist suggestions towards Senator Clinton. 

But, just in case all your insane ramblings and poorly acted huffing and puffing have popped some blood vessels in your brain, and you don’t remember all the sexism, perhaps this will refresh your memory.

Keith Olbermann, you are a disgrace to the field of journalism, and to thinking people everywhere. Please leave. 



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  3. Lol, Julia. I thought the exact same thing.

  4. After Kennedy’s tumor news and Russet’s death, I may start believing in karma.

  5. Ford,

    Thank you for your comment. We can only hope that these individuals will move on to work more suitable for their actions…maybe on the Jerry Springer Show…

    What has passed as “journalism” during this election cycle has been atrocious.

  6. The tools shed @ MSDNC will hopefully be cleaned and swept after Obama loses this will be a good day for any thoughtful person.

    The subtext of the various conversations that were considered relevent and encouraged on virtually every show on MSNBC is a blight on broadcasting.

    Maybe Russert died of embarrassment.

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