Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 15, 2008

A Republican Offers “A Sincere Solute to Hillary Holdouts”

[While poking around at Real Clear Politics, I came upon this post by a blogger by the name of Capertree. As most of us know, this election season has turned our political perspectives on their heads as we have found strange new allies in Republicans and Fox News, for they have been the most willing to give Hillary the credit she is due and offer her “fair and balanced” coverage. Capertree is not only a Republican who understands our plight, but he also offers a salute to our efforts, as he remembers Pat Robertson and the election of 1988 and ponders if Republicans would have put country before party, as we are now, had Robertson been the nominee. I post this here with his permission. Enjoy.]

What would Republicans have done if Pat Robertson had succeeded in winning the GOP presidential nomination in 1988?

Rev. Robertson was very popular with an important part of the Republican base, and he even won the Iowa caucus that year. Had he managed to become the party’s standard bearer instead of Bush I, would he have received the enthusiastic support of the vast majority of Republicans in the general election?

I’m guessing that there would have been something about putting Robertson in the White House that wouldn’t have felt quite right to many Republicans. Robertson had an agenda that went beyond tax rates, national security and placing strict constructionists on the U.S. Supreme Court. It was obvious that Robertson and his supporters wanted to change the things that were fundamental to American society, and likely use the power of the state to do it. I suspect many Christian Republicans could listen to Robertson on TV and agree with every word he said, but still not want the man to be president. True faith is only possible by having the freedom to choose it.

No doubt though, that there would have been calls for party unity. The RNC would have most likely downplayed his lack of experience in government. It would have been noted, time and time again, that on a policy point basis, there really wasn’t much difference between Robertson and other party leaders, notably Ronald Reagan.

All this brings me to 2008 and the Democrat’s version of Pat Robertson — Barack Obama. Both men are religious figures, though Robertson was merely a “leader” of the Religious Right and Obama has his own cult following. Today, former Hillary supporters are faced with the decision that loyal Republicans avoided in 1988. As a Republican, I find myself filled with admiration and gratitude to those who aren’t drinking the Obamanation Kool-Aid.

Like those Republicans who didn’t support Robertson in 1988, the anti-Obama Democrats recognize that there is a lot that’s “not right” about their presumptive nominee. Many former Hillary supporters are holding firm — despite pressure to be “good Democrats,” unfounded charges of racism, a mainstream media that’s fully in the tank for Obama, and outright nastiness from the Obots. They’ve even had to endure their candidate endorsing Obama … and still they bravely resist.

Robertson would have lost the general election in 1988, as Independents fled his candidacy in droves. But I’m wondering how we Republicans would have voted. Would party unity have trumped our love of country? Would a checklist of policy positions have let us rationalize bringing down the wall of separation between dogma and state? Would we have voted for someone as unprepared for the presidency as Robertson, just because he would have had REP by his name on the ballot?

Would we Republicans have been as patriotic as the Hillary holdouts are proving to be?

A sincere thanks to Capertree. 



  1. You left out a very important site on the HRC army list.
    I am one of many disgruntled democrats showing our support for the Honorable Senator John McCain through (Hillary Clinton supporters for John McCain)
    We are raising money for a anti O’bama full page ad in the Chicago Sun Times that make our feelings and intentions known, and are striving to make the biggest single day contribution to any candidate by each of us sending $5.44 to John McCain for this 4th of July. The .44 cents represents John McCain, as our 44th President. If the estimated 3,000,000 of us come thru, $16,320,000.00 should make a good showing. We will follow O’bamas lead and generate numerous small donations by use of the internet.
    I urge any of you feeling the same to join our site, and join our fight.
    We will not let an inexperienced, wet behind the ears, dishonest, flip flopping, racist get one foot inside our White House!
    We are joining in full force with all our Republican brothers & sisters.
    Hope to see you there!

  2. Agreed Kentucky,

    Your words are short, sweet and to the point.

  3. Wrong is Wrong no matter how one spins it. Obama is not worthy of my respect let alone my vote.

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