Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 16, 2008

Clinton ’08 = Reagan ’76?

I, along with many others, am not yet ready to mourn the loss of a Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency. I still happen to believe that it is still possible (maybe not probable) that reason will reign at the Convention and Hillary can still pull this thing out. I guess I’m an eternal optimist. But should that not occur, there are only a few options. 

As I have been a vocal supporter, I have come into contact and come to know many other dedicated Hillary supporters, who like me, want a Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency (HRCP), if not now, then later. We believe she is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate, and view it as a tragic and unnecessary loss for her potential presidency to be stolen from Americans by the media and the DNC.

If your ultimate goal is to one day live in an America presided over by President Hillary Rodham Clinton, here is some food for thought:

  • If Senator Obama is elected, and Senator Clinton is not his VP, there will never be a HRCP. 
    • After 4 or 8 years of a successful or most likely, failed Obama presidency, his VP will have the strongest hold on the potential nomination. 
    • Further, it will be unlikely that his VP or any Democrat will be elected. Our country has rarely sanctioned more than 8 years of a presidency by one party (until this year, when McCain will romp). 
    • HRC could challenge him for the nomination in 2012, but the party elite were against her this time around and most certainly would be then. 
  • If Senator Obama is elected and Senator Clinton is his VP, there is a severely decreased likelihood that there will be a HRCP.
    • The second rule from above applies. But if any political figure could overcome that, it would be HRC. 
    • The media pundits will continue their onslaught against HRC. During the GE all of her statements and actions will be combed for the most sinister motives. Should they be elected the trend would continue throughout her Vice Presidency. Should they not be elected, the fault would be laid squarely at her feet. 
    • However, should they be defeated, HRC  would still be politically viable and would most likely run again in 2012.
  • If Senator Obama is defeated and Senator McCain wins, a HRCP is almost a lock.
    • First and foremost, if Senator Obama is defeated, HRC will be the de facto leader of the Democratic Party and will be the most powerful and influential Democrat in America, being the choice of the majority of the party.
    • Senator McCain most likely will not seek a second term due to his age. However, if he does seek a second term, HRC will emerge as the “I Told You So” candidate, and should coast to the nomination and the presidency, as 12 years of Republican rule will undoubtedly be enough.


There ya go, loyal HRC supporters, the three options as I see them. 

Make no mistake, the current leadership is doing all they can to get rid of the Clintons. They want to erect a Democratic Party free of all things Clinton. They fixed this nomination and selected Barack Obama, this much was clear at the RBC meeting, more appropriately termed, the Day Democracy Died (DDD). If you support this, by all means, vote for Obama and his non-HRC VP in November. 

Please remember, as a HRC supporter you are in no way obligated to vote for Senator Obama simply because HRC said so (under political duress by party leaders): we are not lemmings, nor do we have an appetite for the Kool-aid. 

We need to make sure that HRC gives new meaning to the term Reagan Democrat. President Reagan barely lost his party’s nomination in 1976 even though he was the strongest candidate, and then Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter. Reagan ran again, won the nomination, and went on to stunningly defeat incumbent Jimmy Carter.

This is the beginning of the Clinton Revolution. Are you on board? If so, Just Say No Deal!



  1. I’m with the McCain option.

    That being said, if Hillary runs on a 3rd party ticket, I will vote for her in a split second. The constitution has procedures for ties in it, but I can’t find my copy, and my husband (who can almost quote it verbatim) isn’t around right now, so I’ll have to wait to ask him. And we think here that if Hillary runs against McCain and BO, none of them would get the necessary electoral votes and it would have to be resolved per the constitution. Dean would have a hard time warping that to Barky’s advantage, since it’d be the General Election. I’d love to see him jump up and down, and scream like Rumplestiltskin (sp)over that!

    My husband and I both think now is a good time for a third party…maybe a Working Peoples party. With equal status for women. As much as I love the idea, in all reality, I don’t think a women’s only party would succeed; it would remain on the fringes, just as the Green and Libertarians, et. al., have because they’re too narrow and attract only a small minority of the population. Besides, I like majority rule, and since the Working Middle Class i.e. people who HAVE to work, because, as my father used to tell me, no workie no eatie, are the majority of this country, it makes sense to me.

    Trouble is, it takes a whole lot of money to do all this. And time, and I’m not sure we have that time. For money, maybe Warren Buffett could be pursuaded to part with, oh, half a billion or so 🙂

  2. Hey Lib,

    We are in agreement. Voting McCain is the best option. I’m currently of the mind that if Hillary is never president I’ll never get over it. Never. Especially after the egregious and unfair way the nomination and ultimately the presidency has been stolen from her.

    Dean has been the ultimate disappointment.
    Hi D.I.E.,

    I’m looking forward to your write up on the subject. Thanks for your comment, you brought up some things I hadn’t thought of before. My only concern about the Democrats if is she loses she has to go back to the Senate, and we know how they treat Lieberman. But she’s tough and could definitely handle it. I guess I just want her to do what she thinks is best and run again in 2012.

  3. I believe that voting McCain and holding out for 2012 is our best option. I believe that Hillary Clinton is a loyal Democrat and would never consider third party.

    I am so heartbroken by Howard Dean. I supported his ideas and goals for the party. I can’t believe that instead of uplifting the Democratic Party, he’s destroyed it.

  4. Hi: Like I said, I am really new to the ideas and processes of third party creation and what might be the upsides and downsides. I wonder how the Electoral College would deal with a three way split with a plurality for one of the candidates, but NOT a majority.

    Look, the Democrats are already crucifying her. If I was her, with the power that she currently wields, exactly what would be the downside? Obviously, if she were to establish a third party or run as an Independent, she would be exiting the Democrats anyway. So, who would care if the Democrats blamed her for a McCain presidency. Her ties would be irretrievably broken JUST by running, no matter what the outcome would be.

    Just some thoughts. I will let you know when I have posted a more comprehensive article on the concept.

    Take care, Mark

  5. Hi D.I.E.

    I also like the idea of her running as Independent, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Also, there are so many things to think about logistically, like the Electoral College and what happens if no candidate gets to 270. Further, if she runs Independent, and McCain wins, the Democrats will crucify her.

    I’m certainly a Hillary loyalist and would also love a third party to emerge, but Hillary has to guard her options.

  6. Hi DONE: You forgot the option of establishing a viable third party and dividing and conquering. Now is the time. We won’t be at this juncture again in many many years, if ever.

    As noted at Anglachel’s Journal , the party is in the midst of a hostile takeover and it is no longer really the party it used to be.

    It is the perfect time to start a viable third party with crossover votes from Republican women for Clinton. I think a Woman’s Party of America could pull it off. I will be writing more about third parties in the next week. Although, I currently do not know if a third party can be established this late in the season, I WILL know that answer soon.

    Think third party. Gore and Clinton would be a great ticket. Actually, they could do a Green Party takeover, so to speak. The other possibility is Clinton and Clark (Wesley), for a totally independent third party — Women’s Party of America.

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