Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 17, 2008

Washington Delegates Say No Deal

From The Stranger, in Seattle:

In Washington State, Clinton’s 28 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver are, according to one of the group’s leaders, still waiting for a clearer sign from on high. Absent some further instructions from Clinton, these delegates all plan to vote for her, not Obama, at the convention in late August.


Another part of this, however, is lingering resentment among the Clinton delegates over what they feel was gross mistreatment of their candidate by the media and a lack of work by other Democrats to soothe their hurt feelings. Mitchell complained that the Clinton supporters felt “disrespected” and “invisible” at the Democrats’ state convention in Spokane the weekend of June 14. And Berendt told me, “Hillary Clinton was here and she stood for something… For people who are committed to her for reasons that were important, they don’t feel that’s been acknowledged.


Some of these delegates want Hillary on the ticket, others undoubtedly have issues with Obama, the DNC and the media.


They are the embodiment of PUMA voters. We have different strategies but the same values. We value Hillary’s fight, her experience and her message. We will not be forced to support an unqualified candidate simply because he was chosen by the DNC instead of the people.


Millions are just saying no deal. Will the DNC ever listen?





  1. Hey, Alex

    Nope, we’re not in Seattle. Just heard about the story and thought we’d share it.

  2. Are you guys in Seattle?

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