Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 19, 2008

Obama Courting the Bigot Vote

A lot was said about Hillary Clinton and her supposedly racist campaign. She was even implored to “reject the racist vote” by CNN contributors.

There is too much wrong with this sentiment to address all the aspects.

I will not address the obvious rebuttal requests that Senator Obama reject the sexist vote, or reject the vote of racist African Americans (yes, they do exist, because I know some) who are solely voting for him because he is black, and should he become the official nominee, reject the vote of ageists who would simply vote against Senator McCain because of his age. 

Also, I will not address the obvious truth that Hillary Clinton had and has absolutely no control over why people did, did not and do not vote.  Nor will I address the fact that these individuals were basically requesting that in the middle of the campaign in which she was trying to win, that she drop everything and basically campaign on behalf of Senator Obama. It was not, and is not her responsibility to assuage voter worries about Reverend Wright. If Senator Obama did not and has not earned the trust and respect of voters, that is his problem to rectify. No one, not even Hillary Clinton, can do that for him. 

However, the deafening silence in the face of hypocrisy should be addressed. Senator Obama is courting the votes of bigots, and the media remains silent.

Senator Obama has been very vocal about not being a Muslim. He has a new site made to combat “smears,” the Muslim rumor in particular. When he is on the stump and feels the need to the play the victim card, he sites the email campaign to label him a Muslim. He has made it clear that his middle name is off-limits, never to be uttered, lest you be deemed a racist. And most recently, his campaign blatantly discriminated against Muslim Americans in attempt not to “sully his image with voters.” 

Let me be clear: Senator Obama’s religious history is not of any importance. It makes no difference to me and should not make any difference what-so-ever to anyone if he was, is or has ever been a Muslim. What is important is what Senator Obama’s efforts reveal: Senator Obama is courting the bigot vote. 

Senator Obama constantly tries to reassure voters who would not vote for a Muslim candidate, because of their personal and disgusting prejudices, that they can still vote for him, because after all, he is not, nor has he ever been a Muslim. Through this, Senator Obama legitimizes hatred and fear of Muslims. He is essentially saying: “Your worries about a Muslim candidate are well-founded, but I am not Muslim.”

Further, referring to the claims that he is a Muslim as  “smear” is prejudicial against Muslims. 

Smear is defined as slanderous defamation, or an attempt to defame or attack the good name or reputation of someone. Claiming Senator Obama is a Muslim is not a “smear” and should not be referred to as such. One’s name and reputation are not called into question if one is a Muslim. One’s character is not defamed if one is a Muslim. 

Senator Obama needs to stop pandering to the anti-Muslim community. If having two women wearing headscarves in the audience is enough to turn off some bigoted voter, then so be it. If acknowledging that his middle name is Hussein and that his name is Arabic in nature turns off some bigoted voter, then so be it.

That his supporters would condone this kind of behavior, “because he’s trying to win an election,”  or because “nobody’s perfect” is disgusting. We must hold our leaders to a higher standard. We should never allow our potential future president to blatantly and unabashedly discriminate against Muslims, or any group in order to avoid offending bigots and win an election. 

Senator Obama’s character is in question. If his campaign rather discriminate against Muslim supporters and deem being termed a Muslim a “smear” then he should hope he can win on the votes of bigots alone. 




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  3. xdcc,

    Thank you for your comment. I too am tired of being called a racist, only to reveal that I myself am black only to be called an “uncle tom” or a “race traitor.”

    Obama is certainly not getting 90+% of the black vote because he is qualified or the best candidate. I’ve had so many black people look me in my face and say point blank they are voting for him because he’s black and nothing will change their minds. It’s disgusting and saddening, and the media has been complicit in it.

    Racism is not just perpetuated by whites, and blacks do benefit from being black in some situations. I’m black and I know. I’m tired of all this “victimhood” talk that was so characteristic of Rev. Wright.

    The media needs to wake up, do their job and vet this guy. If we really want equality, then the black candidate shouldn’t be given a free ride.

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  5. Watching that clip from the Communist News Network makes me sick. That guy could not be a bigger A**hole. The misogyny toward Hillary came and still comes directly from the MSM. Has the media ever used race against Obama? Obama was averaging the black vote by around 90%, but that’s not racism? The media cheerleads 24/7 for him because he’s black. Is that not racism? Could a white unaccomplished no-one get nominated for president? … Never mind Obama’s Marxist, racist, anti-American, and corrupt background. Never mind that the man that the media describe as intelligent is actually an ignorant dunce. If you dislike and don’t vote for Obama you are a stupid racist. Good thing the TV is around to think for me.

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