Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 19, 2008

Obama Recognizes Popular Vote, Cedes Nomination to Hillary

Well, that’s the only thing one could logically expect after Obama uttered these words in reference to Al Gore during the Michigan rally (yep, the one where they threw Muslims under the bus) on Monday:

Obama stoked lasting Democratic anger over the 2000 outcome when he recognized Gore as “the winner of the popular vote for president.”

“You remember that,” Obama said as the crowd of 20,000 erupted in raucous applause.

Yes, we remember that Senator Obama, and we remember that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only the popular vote winner of the 2008 Democratic Nomination Contest, but also coincidentally amassed more primary votes than any other candidate in history. 

Senator Obama, now that you have acknowledged the vital importance of the popular vote, and seem to understand the anger engendered by Democrats over the theft that is oft referred to as the “Presidential Election of 2000,” I’m sure you’ll have no problem, for the good of the party and the nation, renouncing your status as the “presumptive nominee” and crowning Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. However, if you cannot do that, when you are soundly defeated in November, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 2011, announces her second bid for the Democratic Nomination that was rightfully hers this go round, I expect you to be the first to endorse her, and during that speech, utter these words:

She won the popular vote for the Democratic nomination! You remember that?“ 

I’ll be there Senator Obama, and you can bet I will remember. 




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  2. Hey LibOne,

    I share the sentiment. When I read the transcript of what was said at that rally about the popular vote my mouth fell open.

    Discussing the popular vote at this time is either an acknowledgment of HRC or a slap in the face. There is no middle ground.

  3. Chimera,

    You are absolutely correct. It’s ironic that Obama has a memory problem when he’s been trying hard to paint McCain as the senile one.

  4. Awesome response JnGA. I’m glad you’re in GA fighting on our behalf. With OH and FL ceded to McCain, Obama is relying heavily on GA and VA. If you help deliver GA to McCain, you help deny Obama the White House!

  5. I thought it was odd that Gore would harp on the popular vote when it’s such an obvious sore point for HRC supporters. It just highlighted the illegitimacy of the so-called nominee.

  6. He has selective memory syndrome. He doesn’t remember ever hearing a sermon by Rev. Wright, he doesn’t remember when the march on Selma occurred, how many states there are, where Arkansas is in relation to KY, but he remember that the guy whose endorsement he really, really needed who was holding it back for a long time needed some loving. So he remembers in 2000 that Gore became president in exile. What exactly did Obama do to protest that? Nada.

  7. I just received an email from the Democratic Party of Georgia explaining why they need my money and help to register NEW voters (yes that’s the strategy) to turn Georgia from red to blue. I responded as follows:

    Matt Weyandt
    Executive Director
    Democratic Party of Georgia

    In response to your email asking for money and help in bolstering Obama’s position in Georgia:

    I am one of those lifelong democrats that has been totally driven away from the party by the maneuvering of his campaign. As I wrote to Howard Dean, “I undertstand the importance of winning, but when you become a greater villian than your opponent all is lost.”

    So, yes, you have lost me as a Democrat. Lost my support, lost my money and lost my faith.

    Not only will you not get a penny from me, I’ve already contributed to John McCain’s campaign and have decided to actively campaign for him to help him defeat Obama here in Georgia. So do register all the new voters you can, I am counting on large numbers of my fellow long-time Georgia Democrats to cross over to offset your efforts. We’ll give you a run for your money here in Georga. I know its a state you need, so I will work even harder against you.

    I hope and beleive the bullying of the Democratic Party will backfire and Democratic leaders will have a much deserved loss in the fall.

    Not yours anymore, a democrat of 20 years,

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