Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 19, 2008

Obama Thugs Continue Pattern, Threaten Woman and her Children

Paula Abeles was on Neil Cavuto yesterday and exposed the truth about what she has endured at the hands of Obama’s thugs.

Thank you Paula for speaking for all of us.

However, it should be noted that these kinds of violent and threatening tactics are nothing new to the Obama campaign. After all, they did the same thing to Geraldine Ferraro.

And these are just the threats on prominent women orchestrated by Obama supporters via the blogs and possibly through channels with the campaign itself (we already know that the Obama campaign provided his “certification of birth” (not “certificate of birth”) to the administrator of Daily Kos, who’s blog is notorious for posting the personal information of individuals in order to orchestrate attacks on them).

Also, let us not forget the caucus fraud and intimidation.

There is a clear pattern within the Obama campaign of using violence or threats of violence to achieve and end. These kinds of actions are morally reprehensible, disgusting and should have no place in presidential politics; especially not as a hallmark of a campaign that purports to be all about “change” and “hope.”




  1. sarahjane, impersonating someone else online, as Obama supporters have been doing of late, is not an ethical thing to do, no matter what your motivation.

    It is, however, not nearly in the same category as making threatening anonymous phone calls to someone with whom you have a political disagreement, especially when you bring up the subject of that person’s children.

    Since this has also been done to Harriet Christian, Tavis Smiley’s mother, and Geraldine Ferraro (and probably others we do not know about), it constitutes a definite pattern that is troubling. Couple this with the threats and intimidation of Hillary supporters at caucuses, and it demonstrates a frightening willingness of Obama and his supporters to be more than willing to use these types of tactics to prevail.

    I don’t know whether Ms. Abeles motives were racist (and I have learned during this campaign not to take any media reports at face value) or whether she is a totally innocent person like Bill or Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro who are being called racist for political purposes, but there is no “however” when it comes to this type of threats.

  2. I am in no way justifying the attacks on this woman; these methods are reprehensible and should not be endorsed by anyone with a brain.

    However, this video does not show the full story behind the “racist” allegations, and Ms. Abeles has been involved in some shady business before:

  3. And this qualifies her to be the target and victim of threats and violence because?

    Your lack of a response to the actual occurrence and issues brought up in the post are very telling.

    When you can’t combat the message, attack the messenger.

    Also, a link or evidence of such allegations would be appreciated.

  4. Uhhh are you aware that Ms. Abeles has been actively involved at preventing Sally Heming and THomas Jeffersons descendants from attending family functions because she can’t believe that Jefferson had children with a slave?

  5. You GO GIRL! I support you 100%- The thought of Obama as President is down right scary and for the life of me, I don’t understand why people cannot see through his facade.

  6. […] can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

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