Posted by: Puma1 | June 20, 2008

Holy Arrogance Batman! Obama ‘Presidential Seal’ Causes Backlash



  2. I think you are misinformed and your facts are skewed. Nice try, though. Arrogance is starting a war nobody else in the world thinks you should start. Arrogance is cutting off microphones from reporters (Radditz 4/29/08). Arrogance is saying, “I’m a decider,” when everything he has decided upon has been wrong at every turn. Arrogance is the Texas swagger well-bred as a Connecticut lad. Arrogance is smiling and winking at a person throwing shoes at you. Arrogance is interpreting and modifying laws with impunity. Arrogance is eight years or Bush. How you think Obama, after three months in office, is MORE arrogant than his predecessor proves that you don’t know s*it from shinola.

    • What are you talking about? Please find where in this article it says that Obama is more arrogant than Bush. It doesn’t. So your comparison is irrelevant: they’re both arrogant. This article is about Obama’s arrogance, not about how Bush wasn’t arrogant, or how Obama is more arrogant that Bush.

      Your whole response is predicated on an argument that wasn’t made. Please stop making stuff up.

  3. Obama’s arrogance makes me want to vomit!

  4. in case anyone who has not heard….the obama presidential seal uses the muslim rising sun sitting on top of fainted red and white stripes…the strips are not even the crimson red of our American Flag. You can go to The Muslim Sunrise home page and see the resemblance. American’s wake up………the Change will be horrific!!!!! He is making a mockery of our country as he campaigns!!!!!!


  5. i think that obama would make a greet president for the U.S

  6. As a presidential historian, I would say that this is unprecedented.

    They said that Hillary Clinton had a sense of entitlement, but nothing she did compared to this.

  7. […] pride in the American flag disappears. I haven’t been this shocked, shocked since Obama replaced the Presidential seal with his own. But, hey, with all the flip-flopping, promise breaking, and lying he’s been doing since […]

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