Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 20, 2008

This is What Happens When People Remain Silent

The faux-gressives have truly taken over, and the sexism and misogyny is gearing up for another round. This time against Michelle Obama. 

This is what passes for humor at HuffPost:

Turns out it wasn’t just about “this woman” it was indeed about all women, just like we said. 

This is the kind of thing that happens when people who call themselves “progressives” stay silent in the face of unabashed sexism levied by Democrats, candidates, their supporters and the media against a sitting US Senator and the Former First Lady. For all of you that stood silent and benefitted from this sexism…

…you brought this on yourselves. 



  1. Those “legs” of Michelle Obama, I’ve have seen
    wooden fence post that are more appealing!

  2. Thanks for this.

    I thought it particularly shocking that HuffPost would turn so quickly on Michelle. Makes sense.

    Although, this is a poor plan, as many like me will simply blame the outlets that do it first, and call them hypocrites for blaming McCain.

  3. Hi iam0nly1,

    Please read this post from

    Why is Huffington Post trying to make an issue out of Michelle Obama’s bare legs?

    This post from the Huffington Post, Obama’s blog of choice for trying to defend why he spent 20 years listening to his mentor’s racist sermons, is yet another example of how Obama’s Extreme Left cronies play “identity politics” in an attempt to drive a wedge into the electorate.

    Remember Drudge’s red hot scoop of a photo of Barack Obama in African dress and Team Obama using it to its advantage claiming it was just another example of dirty racist politics by the Clintons. It was not. In fact, the photo wasn’t a scoop at all. It had been available on the internet for some time. Despite that, the dirt stuck on Senator Clinton.

    Now Team Obama is trying drive a wedge in the female vote. They’re trying to stir up
    criticism of Michelle, someone their lackeys in the media are portraying as the model of a confident, independent woman. Here’s how the game was played.

    Step One: Earlier this month, Barack uses two news cycles to tell the media to lay off his wife after Tennessee GOP issue a video which includes the infamous clip of Michelle Obama telling us that until this year when her husband won Iowa she has never been proud of America. (Not the moon-landing; not the Olympics; not the foreign aid etc…NEVER)

    Step Two: Michelle Obama goes on The View a TV show aimed exclusively for women in attempt to reintroduce her to American women. Not only does Michelle have bare legs but also in case anyone missed the obvious, Obama panderer Barbara Walters makes a specific point of drawing this fact to the attention of the audience by saying that she, Barbara Walters, did not have bare legs. (Of course Barbara is much older and therefore not part of Michelle’s generation and the critical voting demographic women 30-50.

    Step Three: The manipulative Extreme Left led by Arriana Goebells wait expectantly for Team McCain to fall into the trap of criticizing Michelle.

    Step Four: When the bait is left untouched they quickly generate their own piece suggesting what they expected to be hearing from the racist, old and dumb people who dare to criticize. They hope not only will this draw more attention to Michelle’s legs, but it also will give Team McCann some ideas of what to say about the issue.

    Story continues..

    Now check this out at

    Obama campaign’s manipulation of YouTube

    And then read this (if you haven’t already):

    The Secret Side of David Axelrod

    ‘The master of “Astroturfing” has a second firm that shapes public opinion for corporations’

    These people are masters of manipulation, we must not fall for their tricks.

    BTW: Nice article on Obama’s saboteur mole. I know McCain’s camp is full of Obama’s people. Here is one example:

    and here’s a pic of funny pick of Solis-Doyle:


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