Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 24, 2008

It’s the Legitimacy, Stupid

John McCain is currently the only legitimate candidate for the Presidency. He is the only one who is truly the presumptive nominee of his party, and thus the only one with an honest claim to the presidency, and subsequently our votes. 


Senator Obama’s claim to the nomination is just as illegitimate as Bush’s first (and second) term. Senator Obama is not the winner of the popular vote, and thus is not the choice of the people.  Further, his claim to the pledged delegate lead has as big an asterisk on it as Bush’s claim to the Electoral College vote in 2000.  The RBC decision on March 31, 2008 is equivalent to Gore v. Bush on December 12, 2000.


In short, Senator Obama was not democratically elected to the position he claims. His status as the “presumptive nominee” is the direct result of undemocratic maneuverings and blatant violations of the rules of the DNC.


Even if the gavel comes down in Denver and Senator Obama is handed the nomination, he will never be the legitimate nominee because of what has transpired.


Senator Obama is truly the one running for Bush’s third term and the continuing assault on Democracy it represents.  



  1. I just now posted on my blog that the Democratic party no longer feels democratic to me, trying to explain why I feel I can’t be a Democrat any more. You’re exactly right that BO is not the legitimate nominee. Great post.

  2. Exactly Cognitive.

    We can’t be “sore losers” if our candidate didn’t legitimately lose. If Obama had won fair and square and all the votes and delegates were counted properly, it wouldn’t be a problem. I cannot sanction this cheating and fraud.

  3. Exactly right. Obama is the Barry Bonds of politics, and we should never forget that. When we are told to “get over it” or stop being “sore losers,” we need to throw his illegitimate nomination right back in their faces. Since when does supporting the party mean endorsing cheating and fraud?

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