Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 25, 2008

Hill is Back, Help Her Say No Deal to Obama’s Money

I didn’t really realize how much I missed her until she returned. It feels like months since she gave one of the most powerful, eloquent and gracious speeches of her political career. 

Last week, she did her first speaking engagement since June 7, and it wasn’t political. It was a promise. Fulfilling the promise she made to a young, eighth grade girl, whom she’d mentored since the age of two, Senator Clinton spoke at her high school graduation.

[Note: The headlines under the footage are important. Senator Clinton is not releasing her delegates and can still fund raise to retire her debt. Please go to the upper right hand corner of the page and show Hillary how much we’ve missed her with a contribution.]

Not only is she gracious and eloquent, but she’s loyal and compassionate. 

Now, as of Tuesday, Hill is back on the Hill, and they gave her a warm welcome. There were crowds along the street waving and cheering for her. We’re still behind you Hillary!

Raw Video: Clinton back on Capitol Hill

It’s good to have you back Senator. 

But now that she’s back, I’m sure all of us are aware that tomorrow will mark the first time that Senator Clinton will begin fulfilling her promise and start joint campaigning with Senator Obama. 

Their first stop will be at the Mayflower Hotel to privately meet with some of her top donors, or Hillraisers.

Both senators will attend the meeting, set at the swank Mayflower Hotel. People who plan to go say it will serve two purposes: to lock down support for Sen. Obama and to hammer out a pledge from his campaign to help Sen. Clinton retire some of her own campaign debt. The Clinton camp reported a $22.5 million debt at the end of May, more than half of which was a personal loan from the senator to fund her presidential run.

Sen. Obama can probably expect a somewhat chillier reception from the Hillraisers than the one he has received from the hundreds of thousands of “small donors” his campaign says have contributed to his cause, helping to raise some $287 million since his campaign began. [emphasis mine]

Her top donors, like us, are not enthused about the meeting nor about Senator Obama’s candidacy or his clear intentions not to put Hillary on the ticket.

Some Hillraisers remain miffed at the harsh rhetoric that developed over the bruising primary season and are upset that Sen. Obama seems uninterested in inviting Sen. Clinton to be his running mate. Obama finance officials say this should come as no surprise; the wounds, they say, are still fresh. “She only gave her concession speech a week and a half ago,” said Kirk Wagar, Sen. Obama’s Florida finance chairman.

Bruised feelings or not, the Mayflower event should deliver between $500,000 and $1 million for Sen. Obama. One Hillraiser said most attendees will arrive with $2,300 checks, the maximum they can give for the general election.


Hillraisers say they have been privately assured by Obama finance officials that the senator himself will ask his maxed-out donors to help pay Sen. Clinton’s bills, though many believe that effort will be a drop in the debt bucket, netting her only $300,000 or so.

I’m sure we all get the picture here. Obama needs money, and Hillary needs help retiring her debt. This is the purpose of the meeting. The AP is reporting that Senator Obama has indeed asked his donors to help retire Hillary’s debt, but as we know from above, this effort won’t even equal the amount he will possibly gain from the meet up tomorrow.  

This should be a point of shame for all Hillary supporters. There are 18 million of us. We don’t need Senator Obama’s measly, politically driven help to retire Hillary’s debt. We have the power to nullify the need for any of these such meetings. Senator Obama has made it clear that he doesn’t want or think he needs our votes, and we need to make it clear that he won’t be getting any of our money. As such, we need to send a clear message. Please show Hillary we are still behind her and donate. If you dislike these kinds of campaign events and don’t like the idea of Senator Clinton having to ask Obama for assistance, then you need to dig deep. A few dollars goes a long way if we all chip in what we can. We can certainly raise $300,000, which is less that 50 cents per person, among the 18 million of us. 

While we can and should make unnecessary joint fundraising appearances, we must also organize at “unity” events, such as the one scheduled for Friday in Unity, New Hampshire. I won’t go into why the event has been planned for that venue as the shear sappiness of it makes me a bit nauseous. This will be their first public campaign stop, and the pictures generated from this event will no doubt be upsetting to many of us. We need to establish a presence at this and subsequent events to send the clear message that we have no intentions of purchasing or riding Unity Ponies.

A visitor to our site, Mawm, is attempting to organize a presence at the New Hampshire event on Friday:

Hi, I’m trying to organize people to protest the so-called “Unity” rally the Obama campaign will stage in Unity, NH Friday, June 27th. I have a small-webpage up at that describes the event.

I am writing to ask you to put a link up on your sites, or to forward the web-address to anyone who you think may be interested in attending. I believe it is important for us to show up to this event to demonstrate that the “Unity” Obama campaign is talking about is a sham.

Feel free to forward this email address also,

Thank you

Please spread Mawm’s message far and wide, and attend the New Hampshire event if you are able. I know many of cannot stand the thought of Hillary on stage with Obama, but we need to be there to make our sentiments known. 



  1. Josgirl,

    Only cowards (i.e. Obots) go around making statements and not signing their names.

  2. Makes you wonder why he didn’t sign his name.


  3. Anonymous, thanks for stating the obvious.

    But as her supporters, we’re going to make our own call. I don’t like the idea of her needing Obama’s help so I will be helping to retire her debt.

    Many of us don’t like the idea of her campaigning with him, so some of us will be organizing protests.

    We’re taking it from here. It’s our call.

  4. Mrs. Clinton is no longer in the race. Her call.

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