Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 26, 2008

Why Just Say No Deal?

There will be a lot of talk in the media during the next few days about “unity” and whether Hillary’s supporters will “get over it” and “get in line.” As such, at this juncture, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on the many reasons we Pumas will not be riding Unity Ponies or smoking the Hopium any time soon. 


Even He Believes He’s Not Qualified


Obama’s Associations


The DNC Hijacked the Nomination


The Sexism


Let these serve as a reminder of why we are committed to Just Say No Deal



  1. I agree: No deal.

    Obama’s campaign made a mistake by writing a $2300 check to Hillary, instead of firing Solis.

    If you are going to say no, though, think about what you want.

  2. I’m not ready to give up just because Dean feels it’s best for the party. What about us? Do you know that many states, by their own rules, are required to send a certain number of uncommitted delegates to the convention? This fact seemed to be of no importance to Dean, the pundits, and major news anchors. It was the republicans that wanted the contest between Senator Clinton and obama to end. And they still refer to it as a “bitter battle”. You think there’s a reson for that?

  3. […] […]

  4. Many, many people will NEVER vote for BHO no matter what anyone tells them!

    Obama is too wrapped up with terrorists, thugs and gangsters to be President of the US. Does he even know anyone who isn’t one of the above?

    When is Obama going to produce his birth certificate? The real one… not the photo-shopped one he has on his ‘fightthesmears’ website.

  5. I will never ever in anyway vote for Obama. He is not too be trusted. End of story.

  6. Anandabart, you clearly didn’t watch the videos.

    This isn’t about hatred or resentment, it’s about Democracy, fairness, legitimacy and equality.


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