Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 27, 2008

PUMA Action: Revealing Disunity in Unity, NH

Via Riverdaughter, here is a press release regarding PUMA’s and the “unity” event in Unity, NH today:

The Democratic party is incredibly divided.  Millions of Clinton supporters refuse to support Barack Obama for president.  They believe the DNC manipulated the process to favor Obama, and had all their fears confirmed when, on May 31st of this year, the DNC broke their own rules by meeting behind closed doors to award delegates to Obama from voters that had gone to Clinton.

Now, those outraged voters are turning to activism by protesting a staged unity event between Obama and Clinton set symbolically in Unity, NH on Friday, June 27th.  An event, not designed to bring real unity, but to create a show of it for the media and mass consumption by the American people.

The setting is remote, making it difficult for people to attend.  The entire road will be shut down in front of the elementary school where the event is to take place. Only official Obama campaign buses will be allowed to travel the road, forcing anyone wanting to attend the event to sign up on his web-site and park several miles away, then travel on his buses.  This does not sound like a real attempt at addressing the causes of the disunity in the party.  It seems like an elaborate way to control the media message and weed out dissent.  It is Unity through purge.

Many Clinton supporters who are just saying “No Deal” to Obama will meet before the event.  The details about the location and time of this meeting are at  We plan on showing the reality of the Democratic party. There is no Unity.

Attend, watch, blog, email, just do what you can. We can’t let the media continue to write their chosen narrative (read: BO’s talking points). It’s time for PUMAs to roar!



  1. How can Obama be a racist when his mother, his main caretaker, was a white woman from Kansas. I have never heard Senator Obama say that he doesn’t love this country. Bill Clinton got donations from Rezko as well along with many democratic leaders. Rezko used to raise money for politicians in the democratiy party, not just Sen. Obama. If you were for Sen. Clinton and decide to vote for McCain you’re voting for someone whose ideologies are totally opposite from the Sen. Clinton’s. Hillary Clinton should have won the nomination easily. She had the name recognition, the donors, the years of public service, etc but guess what…she didn’t run her campaign efficiently in the beginning. It wasn’t until after Feb. when Sen Obama won 11 straight races that she decided to shake up her campaign staff and try a new strategy. By then it was too late to overcome the lead. No one stole the nomination from her but Sean Penn, Patti Solis Doyle, etc.

  2. If you call yourselves true democrats then you will not vote for McCain. The more supporters he has, the more votes he receives, the more chance you all stand to succumb to living in the same state we are in right now. The only reason why any of you think that the DNC swayed the voting is because you listen to the media. Stop listening to the media and form your own opinions. So, your candidate didn’t win the primaries. Look at Obama’s stance on issues and the already positive effect he’s having on voters! Get with it!

  3. O-bomb-a’s theatrics are sickening … a SHOW of unity in a town called Unity, and a SHOW of patriotism in a town known as Flag City USA… just more empty suit antics !!! He thinks our heads are as empty as his suit! Everytime someone calls him on something, he stands shouting (very eloquently), “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. News for him: This isn’t the land of Oz and we are paying attention! When all else fails, he plays the race card and blames every logical complaint against him on racial bias. His problem is way below the surface of his skin.

  4. The only thing Obama wants more than your vote in November is for you not to vote at all, especially in swing or close vote states, or to write in a candidate, which depending on your state laws may go to him or to the trash bin, not counted.

    When the General Election Day is here, you must be pragmatic. A vote for one of the two main candidates is all that keeps you in the game. Anything else takes your voice off the table. I am a lifelong Democrat, daughter of a 40 year union machinist, who represented that union for 30 years. If I can vote McCain and I will, anybody can! We must vote for someone to make a difference. I worked everyday for months for Hillary as a Rapid Responder. She has made her move for her reasons. We only have our vote on election day. I urge each of you to consider the seriousness of placing yourself off the results board on election day.

    OBAMA = SHARIA LAW (He supported his cousin Odinga in Kenya last year and donated money for Islamist-Misogynist Agenda!! BEWARE.



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