Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 27, 2008

PUMAs in the News!

PUMAs are roaring and the media is taking notice. Most noticeably our own Diane Mantouvalos, co-mastermind of the Just Say No Deal Coalition, and editor of Hire Heels made The Washington Post!

Here’s a little snippet of Hill, Yes! O., No!:

Mantouvalos, a self-described independent who grew up in Boston and said she nearly always votes Democratic, believes party leaders are underestimating the seriousness of the opposition movement. Using various metrics — e-mails to (125,000), databases of organizations involved with the effort, registrants to and hits on selected protest Web sites — Mantouvalos estimates the coalition of more than 100 groups represents at least 10 percent of the 18 million voters who backed Hillary Clinton during the primary battle.

“This is not the usual reaction to an election loss,” Mantouvalos said. “I know that is the way it is being spun, but it’s not prototypical. Anyone who doesn’t take time to analyze it will do so at their own peril.”

Also, the LA Times has featured a story entitled “Unity in Unity, N.H.? Not so much for some Hillary Clinton backers” which prominently links to many of us in the Just Say No Deal Coalition, including us here at Done Dems (apparently we’re “vociferous”)! We appreciate the article, as it helps get the word out.

The media line up for today and tomorrow is as follows:

Please show our spokespumas your support and tune if you can. 

Also, as an aside, an unintended consequence of the media blitz is a stampede of Obots riding Unity Ponies named “indignation.” Please be polite, yet direct in countering their claims. Most of the battle is going on over at our Info page. Keep up the good fight!





  1. Your comment has been deleted. Please see our comment standards on our Info page. Your ill-mannered, ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.


  2. Jessie, you should check out Obama’s recent statements on withdrawal from Iraq. He is already walking away from that. I have no conviction that we will be out of Iraq any faster with Obama than with McCain. I do believe that our foreign policy will be a disaster with Obama, though. His statements on Israel, Pakistan, and the Middle East in general show that he knows less than those of us who just regularly keep ourselves informed. People in Israel are scared to death of him. And don’t forget the riots he caused in Pakistan when he said he would bomb them without notifying their leaders. Doesn’t really sound like someone who would protect our troops or our country. I have more confidence in McCain, if this election is between the 2 of them. He has a son in Iraq. He’s been in a war and has a great deal of respect for the military. He is not going to make the Bush mistakes. Obama, on the other hand, seems to believe that he is always right and doesn’t listen to anyone else. He seems more like Bush to me than McCain does.

  3. Jesse1115,

    Thank you for your comment and for sharing your personal views.

    My best friend is in the military and has already been to Iraq once before and will almost certainly go again. I myself am getting ready to emerge from college and attempt to become an active member of the dwindling job market. I am also heavily devoted to environmental causes and am an active member of the Sierra Club.

    This election does not fall into the cut and dry dichotomy that has been drilled into liberals and Democrats. John McCain is not a conservative Republican, no matter how often he is referred to as “McSame.” John McCain is a moderate, who possesses a lifetime of experience, and is also a steward of the environment. Indeed, he was one of the first Republicans, if not the first, to break party line and recognize that Global Warming is real. He is also against drilling in ANWR. I have found common ground with McCain and continue to on a daily basis.

    Further, many people argue that electing McCain will allow the continuance of Bush’s policies. It is important to note that the Democratic Congress has been complicit in Bush’s destructive reign, including recently with their cave on FISA. They have refused to stand up to him concerning the war. It is my belief that they need to spend another four years in the Senate proving to us that they have the fight to stand up to the Republicans, especially once they have a larger majority come Nov.

    Senator Obama does not possess the experience, the qualities, or the policy stances to qualify him as a potential candidate for President nor as a Democrat. He is not a progressive and has risen to his current status through undemocratic means. The Party had and still has a chance to nominate a qualified candidate who truly represents and fights for the principles of the Party. If they forgo this opportunity, they forgo my vote.

    This is about Democracy, the future of our country and our Party. We have carefully weighed the issues, and this is the decision we have come to.

    Again, thanks for your comment.

    p.s. we are voting for McCain in order to use the the g.o.p. to our own ends. a McCain presidency will begin to move the g.o.p. back toward the center and prevent the dnc from being co-opted by the far, radical left.

  4. I am an Obama supporter who has also admired Clinton. I am an American with an older brother in the military and a sister soon to emerge from college.

    I respect whatever decision you feel you must make. I simply hope that people will consider that their votes may be a life and death decision for people like my brother, not to mention those who might become the collateral damage of another neocon war.

    Your vote may decide the economy and job market which my sister faces in her first years out of school as she tries to find her place in the world.

    Lastly, my mother is a brilliant woman who has devoted most of her life to grassroots environmental causes, starting with cleaning up the Hudson river and continuing on to today. Your vote may greatly enable or disable the causes she has dedicated her life to.

    I hope that every American will weight their vote heavily. Is there no other way to fight for this cause than to risk another 4 – 8 years of the same disastrous policies we have been getting for the last 8? America and the world will face the consequences.

    Thank you.

    p.s. please also consider that the g.o.p. is most definitely boosting this cause for their own ends.

  5. NObama!!!! Just say “no deal”. No unity for the Dems. Superdelegates could have made the go for Hillary, but they are too stupid. John McCain ’08 if not Senator Clinton.

  6. Just say “no deal” to Obama’s new deal. I am a democrat who will not support Obama. NObama. Not now, not ever. NO way. I will support McCain in lieu of my girl Hillary Cliinton. The media says I don’t exist. But they will find out in November that I do exist!!!!!

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