Posted by: iam0nly1 | June 29, 2008

This Dog Won’t Hunt: Obama, Hound, and the Nominating Process

 Governor Ed Rendell and others would have us believe that supporting Senator Obama will result in the change of the current nominating system:

One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA. We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military. Forcing people to declare their preference in public also violates another cherished principle that undermines our democracy.

So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

No Deal, Rendell. This dog won’t hunt. 

It’s simple; if Obama were to reform the nominating process it would be admittance that his own flimsy nomination was not truly legitimate. It confirms that he was not the choice of the voters and that the caucus and delegate apportionment systems are unfair.

If anyone believes for a second that voting for Senator Obama will in any way ensure that the Democratic Nominating process will be reformed in any substantive or fair way, they are fooling themselves. How can we hope to change a system by anointing the very people who benefited the most from it and stand to lose the most by rejecting and reforming it?

Voting for Senator Obama ensures that the people who orchestrated this disaster gain power they are seeking and retain it. With Senator Obama as our nominee, he is ultimately the leader of the Party: his word goes. The immediate move of the DNC to Chicago should signal this, and also, that the fix has been in for a long time. 

Senator Obama is concerned with consolidating his power. The system was set up and exploited in a way to benefit and prop up his candidacy. Those who created and manipulated the process will be the ones who benefit and gain the most from Obama’s nomination and presidency and thus will not be the bringers of reform. Lest we forget, should Obama be elected he will want to be reelected and no moves will be made that would risk the nomination of another in his stead in 2011.

Afterall, this is the same man who at the recent joint fund raising appearance with he and Senator Clinton, in response to a question of whether or not their would be a roll call vote at the Convention, reportedly responded that “he was not going to ‘negotiate’ the convention” at the event. This man is clearly willing and able to “negotiate” away the rules and principles of the Democratic Party in order to assume power.

Obama’s nomination is ultimately about the take over of the Democratic Party by the radical far left. It has been in the works for years, and Senator Obama is merely the puppet and face of the movement. If we sanction them at the polls, it could be decades before our Party regains any semblance of the Party we once knew when we joined years, and in some cases, decades ago.

The Party and Obama must be shown that the voters know their tactics are illegitimate and corrupt. They must be shown that when you go against the will of the voters, you will eventually have to answer to them at the polls. They must know that we will not blindly follow as they trample on the principles of the Party and Democracy. They must know that they are not the ones who choose the nominee, we, the voters, are. We and our chosen candidate have been ignored, and denigrated and told we are illegitimate and not needed. It is clear the “New Democratic Party” has no room or need for us. Donna Brazile was outspoken about this much on CNN. I’m with Paul Begala:

 When people say things — I love Donna and we go back 22 years. 
We’ve never been on different sides of an argument in our entire lives.
 But if her point is that there’s a new Democratic Party that some how
 doesn’t need or want white working-class people and Latinos, well count 
me out. [emphasis mine]

We must stand up now if we have any hope of having a Party that represents us. The only way to do this is to reject them at the polls in November. 



  1. Do you guys really think that Hillary will run in 2012′ – AND WIN (should BO lose) ???

    ROFLMAO…don’t make me laugh.

    In 2012…she won’t be the nominee then either (should Obama lose). Others have seen her weakness….should Obama lose – new blood will rise in the party and Hillary will lose yet another Primary.

    She’s not worthy..quite frankly.

    Why is it that…that you guys can call the FL and MI decision unfair – WHEN IT WAS HILLARY WHO AGREED TO THE TERMS (that the two states wouldn’t count at all) IN THE FIRST PLACE ! 😀

    Second…Racism is not an overused term or a ‘crutch’ (as someone put it) used by Obama. It’s real…and Hillary surrogates made sure that they used race to try and drub Obama (ask Geraldine Ferraro). Even how she stated that Obama couldn’t win working class white votes turned out (as of recent) to be a racist lie…..

    BTW…I’m white.

    And get ready for President Barack Hussein Obama 😀

    -Rob Hussein-

  2. Whoa Nancy,

    I assure you we are not Republicans. If you can honestly look back on and watch currently the actions of Obama and the Party (the sexism, the race baiting, the lies, the character assassination, the RBC hijacking), forget the fact that Obama is woefully unqualified and not a true progressive, then that is your prerogative.

    However, we PUMAs have had enough of this mess and are fighting against it. If you don’t understand why, please look to our Need Reasons? page and our MANIFESTO.

  3. I am tired of being called Racist and I am tired of being called a Republican. I am tired of being told about Roe vs Wade. I am tired of the Democratic party. I am going to vote for McCain because I like and respect him. I am not going to worry about Roe vs Wade because it is the law of the land and not likely to be overturned. I am not a racist as I am an African American who is sick of the race card being played inappropriatly. I am sick of the so called former Hillary supporters who come to these sites to get us to unify. Why do they want us to unify? They want us to unify because since we are the Core Democrats if he loses even 2% of us he is toast. That just goes to prove that we are not Republicans because if we were then why would the Democrats be so worried. So Obamabots please go and tell your Master that PUMA is here to stay.

  4. Let’s go back to JMK’s remarks on June 29th. This is what we should be working on…please don’t come here and call us names..let’s get to work.
    I love coming here because I find most people here are positive and want to work to make the DNP responsible for making right ..the wrongs they thrust on the people who have been Democrats all of our lives. Yes, we were robbed, yes Hillary did not run the best of campaigns, but enough..just because he outspent her , doesn’t qualify him to be President. This man was told by the Party that he could win…our Party!! and they did everything dishonest to make it happen.
    Now it’s payback!!

  5. HEY!!!everyone I can not believe i am on this dumped groups web sites. I used to support Hillary in the primaries but i was a democract first so by that you know what i mean. she is just a politician like everyone else i happend to like her policies before she lost the nomination to obama so i will definetely vote for the nominee cause they have similar policies and i truly know most of these people who formed these groups are part of the ( RUSH operation kos) not democrats

  6. Thanks for your donation Mike but we could do without your sarcasm and disparaging remarks.

    You only add to the reasons many of us will not support Obama.

  7. and just a final comment, you guys are doing a terrible job retiring Hillary’s debt. If you really support her, get on that, because I think it is a disgrace her 18 million supporters have been unable to retire that debt at about $1.25 each while Obama sends and email and has $20 million within a month. Many Obama supporters, including myself, have donated to her campaign to help retire the debt in spite of the actions of her supporters because we respect her, but Obama’s supporters are more concerned with getting him elected and most won’r be doing the same.

  8. Mizzen,

    You seem to have an anger problem. Wishing harm upon us is not going to make us change our minds nor assuage our concerns about Obama.

    Of course there was sexism–as women we have to fight back. I regularly wrote to television networks and newspapers to tell them how disgusted I was with their treatment of Hillary. On the other hand, what I’ve read in all the blogs contained on this site is just as bad. You’re either racist or just plain bad losers.

    We too fought back against the sexism and we continue to fight. Rolling over now will simply condone the sexism that went on and continues to go on. The DNC and Obama’s campaign were complicit in and propagated much of the sexism that went on.

    What, pray tell, have you read on this site that is “just as bad” as the vehement sexism directed at Hillary? I’m sure none of it has come from myself or the other administrator, 12counts. Since you purport to be a former Hillary supporter, it shocks me that you are so quick to levy the “racism” claim. It needs to stop. Nothing we have said is racist – NOTHING! Further, 12counts and myself are both African American and are severely tired of the accusations of racism. They are shallow and serve as a crutch for Obama.

    As for being “sore losers,” you should know it’s not about whether Hillary lost (which we don’t believe she did, as the nomination was handed to Obama at the RBC meeting on May 31st) it’s about how and why. We will not stand by and support the undemocratic actions of the Democratic(?) Party, nor will be held hostage by Roe v Wade, which is not going to be overturned.

    Lastly, know that Obama will lose, and it won’t be because of us. Senator Obama was never electable. His loss will be of his own making. We shall simply pad McCain’s margin.

    Thank you for your comment.

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