Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 1, 2008

Two at a Time: Saving the Dems and GOP with One Vote

The Far Left Wing forces of the Democratic Party have raided our wagons, are taking the reins and are attempting to leave without us. However, we Pumas are encircling the wagons, determined to prevent the theft of our Party, our principles and above all, Democracy.

Like many of you, I have clung to hope, a sense of righteousness, principle and a somewhat naïve belief in cosmic justice throughout this entire primary season.  After the Iowa caucus, I remained an optimist, believing Hillary would prevail. I believed it even more after Super Tuesday, and still more after March 4th. I felt confident that if she and we did what we had to do, win Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Puerto Rico, South Dakota to boot, and win the popular vote, that reason would reign. Even through the deafening calls for her to prematurely leave the race, I still believed. Why?  Somehow, I had gotten through more than two decades of my life with the privilege of believing that the right thing always happens, that somehow the universe will right itself when it seems to be headed down the wrong path: a by product of growing up in the 90’s, and not having the first hand knowledge of tragic assassinations and unjust wars the members of Hillary’s generation endured. 

I am still clinging to this belief, this hope, that ultimately Hillary Rodham Clinton will be nominated as the Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2008.  The stakes are indeed too high, the risks too great for America and the world to be deprived of a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency. The Democratic Party is a fiend for an injection of Hillary’s fighting spirit and unyielding determination. But more importantly, America and the world desperately need her wealth of experience, breadth of knowledge, competency and commitment to the core values of America, Democracy and the collectivism our increasingly interconnected global community requires.

Should Barack Obama ultimately be nominated at the Democratic National Committee Convention in Denver, this primary election will have taught me a hard, yet obvious lesson: life is truly not fair, the most qualified person, the most deserving and hard working person does not always get a fair shake, much less the position or opportunity they are best suited for. Sometimes the lesser qualified, woefully inadequate, yet popular person benefits from a flawed system.

I guess, it is something I always knew, as I had witnessed it play out numerous times in middle school, high school, and now college, and undoubtedly will witness later on in life. However, I always found solace in knowing that eventually the truth of the matter would become clear. Somehow, the undeserving, in-over-his or her head individual would severely under perform, or make an egregious mistake revealing not only his or her inability, but also the ignorance of those who disregarded qualifications in favor of superficial qualities and appointed, hired or elected the clearly inferior nominee, applicant or candidate.

Sadly, should Senator Obama be elected, there will be no solace in his failures, no cosmic justice, because our country and the world will be the recipients of the repercussions.  For this reason, I, like many of us, cannot sit back and wait for the inevitable massive failure and disappointment that will characterize  a failed Obama presidency. We, like Hillary, have that indefatigable fighting spirit and conviction. We will not allow the Democratic Party to foist an illegitimate, inexperienced candidate upon us while simultaneously treading on the sacred values of Democracy, fairness, and our core tenant of “one person, one vote.”

Hillary has always reflected on her days as a Republican and her eventual departure from the Republican flock, by lamenting, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party as much as it left me.”  Strangely I believe the impetus for her departure from the Republican Party is poised to repeat itself within the Democratic Party. In her revealing memoir, Living History, Hillary writes:

“The nomination of Richard Nixon cemented the ascendance of a conservative over a moderate ideology within the Republican Party, a dominance that has grown more pronounced over the years as the party has continued its move to the right and moderates have dwindled in numbers and influence. I sometimes think that I didn’t leave the Republican Party as much as it left me.”

Senator Obama’s nomination, like President Nixon’s will confirm the rise of the radical over moderate ideology within the Democratic Party that could take decades to undo, over which time, if this primary season is any indication, we, the moderate backbone of the Party, will be actively shut out and marginalized.

We Pumas will not sit by as the Democratic Party leaves its core principles, and constituencies, trampling upon Democracy as it goes. We will not be left without a Party. We will not be told to “get over it” and “fall in line.” We will not be held hostage to a Party that no longer values us or our contributions and simply gives lip service every four years to what they perceive as our concerns in order to pressure us into rubber stamping their often failed agendas, or worse, corrupt, inept and puppet candidates.

Thankfully, with this election, we have the opportunity to save not one, but two Parties. Senator Obama and those that back him are a part of the fair left fringe of our party that is attempting to wrest control and form the “New Democratic Party.” Senator McCain is a moderate at his core, and represents a dramatic shift to the center for the Republican Party. In November, we can send a clear message to the Democratic Party establishment that we will not allow the theft of the moderate Republican Party to be replicated within the Democratic Party, and simultaneously begin to restore the old moderate strain to the Republican Party.

On November 5th, after we have thwarted the take over of the Democratic Party, we can rest assured knowing we have handed the reins of our country to steady, experienced and moderate hands with the added bonus of ensuring that we, America and the world will not have to mourn forever the loss of the presidency that will be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s. 




    But while Senator McCain has solid conservative credentials in practice and on paper, his willingness and ability to reach across the aisle have made some on the right suspicious of his true motives. His nomination steers the RNC toward a more centrist place than it’s been since Richard Nixon was the nominee.

    Should Senator McCain capture the White House, his presidency and control of the party could leave social conservatives, who comprise about a third of the party, on the outside looking in. [….]

    Dedicated Republicans have long been accused of being unwavering ideologues, willing to lose on principle rather than win on compromise. A John McCain presidency would radically shift that dynamic, if he follows \ the bipartisan method he used in the Senate.

    If you want to comment on this article, here is the url for comments. It has 111 posts. It says some very silly things about HIllary and the Dems.

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