Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 3, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Says No Deal to BO’s Healthcare Plan

Back in early June, Obama announced in a economic policy speech, that he would be working with Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare policy. 

While many of us were a bit miffed that Senator Obama had failed to mention Hillary, who has fought for Universal Health Care for over a decade, and once Edwards dropped out, was the only one with a Universal plan, we took solace in knowing that Elizabeth was on our side of the healthcare debate. Back in April, she made her stance clear:

But Elizabeth Edwards, an outspoken advocate on healthcare issues, did say she prefers Clinton’s reform plan to reach the estimated 47 million American without healthcare coverage.

“You need that universality in order to get the cost savings,” Edwards said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I just have more confidence in Senator Clinton’s policy than Senator Obama’s on this particular issue.”

Well, Elizabeth is no flip-flopper and is still saying no deal to Obama’s non-universal health care plan:

Elizabeth Edwards, who is advising the Obama campaign on healthcare issues, reiterated Friday that she believes adopting Sen. Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan would be the best way to cover all Americans.

“In my view, that is the most assured way to get there,” Edwards said of Clinton’s plan.

Edwards, who endorsed Clinton’s healthcare plan during the late months of the primary, has consistently advocated for the use of individual mandates to ensure universal health care.

At least we still have some people who are willing to stand by their convictions and attempt to do what’s best for the American people. Will Obama heed her advice and adopt a truly Universal plan, or will this be one of the only issues he doesn’t flip-flop on?




  1. I agree that Obama has no real interest in health care. His plan is too wussy to work anyhow. I do think, however, that Ted Kennedy will not let this chance slide by. He, Elizabeth Edwards, and Hillary Clinton have the clout, the votes, and the heart to get it finally done. Kennedy will figure out a way to stroke Obama for the sake of expediency but he will get it done.

    Obama’s foolish health plan was just throw together at the last minute, using Clinton’s plan as a template, so he would have something to offer. The lack of a mandate was his personal touch and is consistent with the way he does everything. Creep up to the precipice and then leap back when he realizes how close he is.

  2. Your comment is the highlight of my day josgirl!

    Too many are going along with this damned charade. That Obama can even get away with saying he’s working with anybody other than Hillary on healthcare is the biggest joke. He clearly has no earthly idea of what he’s talking about. I’m convinced he’s planning on sitting on his ass, polishing his desk while other people do the real work and decision making. After all, we’ve been told ad nauseum that “he’ll have the best advisors and people and around him.” Well, hell, why not just elect one of those people and get rid of the middle man!?!

  3. Why do people keep pretending this guy has a clue about anything?
    He’s a scriptreader and anything that he says should be taken with just as much seriousness as one would give a non-English speaking person reading McBeth.
    He might get the words right phonetically but he wouldn’t have a freaking clue about what the heck he was talking about.
    Why is Elizabeth Edwards working with him to get Hillary Clinton’s plans enacted?
    Why isn’t she shouting from the rooftops that this guy is a clown and we need to nominate HRC if health care is really so damned important to her?
    This whole sordid, sorry mess of a sham of an illusion of a distorted reality stinks like a teenage boy’s sneakers and ticks me off more and more every single day.
    We’ve all gone through the looking glass and ended up in Never-Never Land trying to pretend like this is really Oz and the naked Emperor is actually decked out in a tuxedo.
    The mental image of an unclothed Obiteme prancing into the Oval Office should be enough to make us all puke in the voting booth.

  4. I totally agree Cognitive.

    I don’t think Obama will get much of anything done, mostly because I don’t think he really has a plan, or issues he actually cares about. However, I prefer McCain’s plan to Obama’s plan, simply because I think Obama’s plan will be more of a hinderance toward actually achieving Universal care than McCain’s.

    Obama will never add the mandate (which is why Hillary is fighting so hard to keep her delegates so that she can lobby the platform committee to get a mandated plan on the platform). Thus, his plan will just represent a failed attempt that will sour the public to the whole idea. Hillary was right, if you don’t fight for a universal plan, you’ll get “nibbled to death” and you’ll never reach it. If we can’t have Hillary’s plan now, I rather have McCain’s market solution for a time and then have Hillary, or a real democrat, give it another shot.

  5. I really believe that the whole thing is just more of his hot air. In other words, I doubt that he would fight for any kind of health care at all, were he to somehow get elected – not even his own flawed plan. There is a far better chance that anything he does is just going to make things worse.

    I have more faith that John McCain will actually do something, even though it won’t be enough and will still be market based. His plan is basically a tax credit. That doesn’t solve the problem, but it does help those of us who have to buy our own health care. I just turned 55, and my health care plan immediately went up to the tune of $185 a month more. That definitely hurts my budget, particularly with higher gas and food costs as well. So a tax credit would help. But it still does nothing about health insurance companies dropping people when they get sick. Or the mess most of our hospitals have become.

    Personally, I think that Obama is so arrogant that the reason he won’t accept mandates is the fact that Hillary had them in her plan. He is nothing if not spiteful.

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