Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 3, 2008

N.Y. PUMAs Flock to See Hillary

It’s great to see Hillary back out doing what she does best; making a difference in people’s lives. Yesterday, Hillary was in Upstate New York in Hanover Square discussing energy policy. Hundreds flocked to see her, including some PUMAs!

The crowd of several hundred responded to Clinton like she was a rock star, using cell phones to snap pictures, hugging her, and asking for her autograph on any scrap of paper they could find.

“She hugged me,” gushed Stephanie Roehm after posing for a photo with Clinton.

“I think she is awesome,” said Joanne Landers of Liverpool, who took a break from her downtown job to catch a glimpse of Clinton. “I’m bummed (she isn’t running for president). I’m hoping she will take the VP job.”

If she’s the vice president, I’ll vote for Obama. Otherwise I’m not voting,” said Nicole Baldwin of Volney. [emphasis mine]

Nicole, and quite possibly Joanne, are PUMAs! Our movement is broad and strong and it is our responsibility to reach out beyond the internet and let Hillary’s supporters know they are not alone. 

Please head over to the article for more pictures and a great video which includes Hillary talking about energy policy and greeting supporters; one woman is holding a “Hillary for President” rally sign under her arm. Hillary has touched and inspired so many, and we honor and respect her service.  



  1. Check this out —

  2. What about PUMA’s for PALIN?

  3. Hey Kiki! I got the picture from the article. It is a really great pic. Apparently there are more pics at the link I provide to the story. Even an entire photo album for the event, and a video.

  4. Where did you get this great picture?

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