Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 8, 2008

Whoa!: New RNC Ad Pegs Obama on Iraq

After I saw this video, all I could say was “whoa!”  The last frame is stunning and encapsulates not only Obama’s attitude concerning the Iraq War, but also his disdain for difficult questions and straightforward answers, his propensity for flip-flopping, and his unparalleled arrogance and naïveté.  Enjoy. 



  1. Bob Herbert has some unusually harsh words for Obama in today’s NYT, especially about his weasel comments on Iraq. Herbert suggests that some African Americans are quietly distressed about Obama’s recent lurches to the right:

    There has been a reluctance among blacks to openly criticize Senator Obama, the first black candidate with a real shot at the presidency. But behind the scenes, there is discontent among African-Americans, as well, over Mr. Obama’s move away from progressive issues, including his support of the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the constitutional right of individuals to bear arms.

    There’s even concern that he’s doing the Obama two-step on the issue that has been the cornerstone of his campaign: his opposition to the war in Iraq. But the senator denied that any significant change should be inferred from his comment that he would “continue to refine” his policy on the war.

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