Posted by: Puma1 | July 9, 2008

[GUEST POST] New Politics My Bum: Obama Shows Himself to be the Calculating Liar He Said the Clintons Were

~ by Matt Jordan, Los Angeles


You keep lying when you oughta be truthin’
And you keep losing when you oughta not bet
You keep saming when you oughta be changing
Now what’s right is right, but you ain’t been right yet

~ as performed by Nancy Sinatra


What has stripes, stand tall and slim, reads from scriptures yet talks from both ends

If you can’t figure that one out I don’t blame you. Barack Obama went from messianic figure with pure vision and truth, to ambitious flip flopper trying to pull the wool over our eyes. From Iraq to gun rights Obama flips faster than a Japanese gymnast. Perhaps even a bit faster.

The Obama media and Obama liberals say well, “Ya know John McCain is a flip flopper too.” And he is.

He flipped on the Bush tax cuts because, duh, he wanted to pander to the base. And even though McCain is running on “Straight Talk,” and despite his thirty year record consistent bipartisanship and moderation, the past few months his talk has been, well, sometimes straight and sometimes zig-zag.

McCain is an old experienced politician, running as an old experienced politician. It was Obama who ran ran on a new message, “new politics.” He set high standards for himself with his lofty, atmospheric rhetoric. He was a shiny new toy, purity in the land of political filth, sent by the gods to clean up Washington and recreate it in the image of…Chicago?

Just a hunch, but it is increasingly evident that the new kind of politics to which Obama referred is the kind they participate in in Chicago. That is change if you think about it. Certain Presidents have benefited from an illegal Chicago boost (coughJFKcough), but we’ve never had a bona fide Chicago politician in the Oval Office before.

Barack Obama’s flip flops didn’t start a few days ago or even a month ago; they began in March when he slammed Hillary Clinton over NAFTA. Come to find out his own adviser went to Canada to ease their worries about Obama reconfiguring NAFTA. New politics looks an awful lot like Chicago politics.

My favorite Obama flip-flop happened during the infamous ABC debate. First, he had said he would lower taxes for all Americans making under 250,000. Then, he had said he would raise taxes of those making 97,000 a year. And finally, in the debate and under pressure from Charlie Gibson, he conceded the fact he would raise the capital gains tax of middle income families making in and around 97,000 a year.

Barack Obama reminds me of the guy that a girl would date who was so charming and perfect in the beginning but all of a sudden he gets violent and treats the girl like a second class citizen. Was I the only one who was skeptical of this guy from the start? His whole message seemed odd, too perfect to be realistic.

I believe Barack Obama played on the vulnerability and weakened spirit of the American people who, due to the Bush administration’s many failures, believed the country was broken. His message was that of a megalomaniac: ‘only through me can America prosper. If not me then the American people are incapable of effecting positive change and erasing cynicism. I am your messiah so you must elect me or face hardship and pain forever.’

I feel bad for those who genuinely believed in everything Obama said. Is it their own fault for blindly putting their faith in a typical, wolf-in-sheep’s clothing politician — who knows? When it’s all said and done maybe the ‘new politics’ is backtracking on your word merely weeks after preaching “words matter.”

I recall Rolling Stone’s cover with Barack Obama standing in his Superman pose. Given his cold ambition, lies, flip-flops, and his political calculations, Obama is more reminiscent of Lex Luthor than the Man of Steel.

“What do you want?”

I want the world, Mrs. Kent.”

Hey, Barack? Are you sure its the Clintons who will do and say anything to get elected, or were you projecting?




  1. “Obama’s mask coming off

    As you may recall, back in Jan 08 or so, Obama appeared on S&L and removed his mask on national TV. This is the same Obama that has no problem stealing a nomination (with the help of DNC) that belongs to Senator Clinton. I will not vote for him no as he does not need my “racist” vote. remember he said Hillary supporters were not voting for her but were voting against him because they are racist!!! He should be ashamed of himself. I am glad the rest of the world is seeing Obama in the same light as many of us have seen him for a while now.”

    This is well said,as many of us saw through his mask long ago,why do you think we were and are so opposed to him? BUT ,we were called racists as so many Ob and media people labeled us.Don’t some of the Ob rock star fans realise this is a very undemocratic thing to stifle people’s dissent ?to me just like the abortion issue and women feeling a little blue comment ,seems we heard that about Hillary in his comment that she was a little blue after the primary.YES she was something but i don’t think it was blue.

    It’s more like his buddy Jesse Jackson said and rightfully so , he was being condesending to blacks in his talks .

    Are you actually keeping track of the backward stepping OB’s done since Hillary left the campaign? Another thing, that will keep us voting for him but then again we did not feel his change message he was putting out there and his fans were swooning about the NEW kind of politician well, well, it sucks to be a fool! wheres the outrage from people that went crazy over bosnia hype and how dishonest Hillary was supposed to be? Well guess what, that only hurt Hillary and not us. the flip flops OB did in the last two weeks DOES hurt all of us and the FISA thing cannot be dismissed saying like some of his sheep ,well it was going to pass anyway ,so just like in his book he said he was a blank slate and he was what people wanted him to be! Is this what we want ,a chameleon?? a coward? go along to get ahead and damn the standards need in a president!

    We do have a choice and its the convention and to those that say its not ,they are still being blindsided and will let our country get a president that makes excuses and the sheep follow at all costs, the country be damned. the DNC better wake up and nominate the person that has credentials to run this country and has plans for many of the needs the country has problems with. If the DNC hadn’t interferred in the primary process and gave Ob the push to being the selected nominee we would be focusing on any of you notice the issues get pushed aside and OB always has someone misquoting,dissing him or like the interview ,it was a mistake,of course the favorite you are rasist if you disagree! that is getting old and AA people should see through his using this as an excuse no matter how much they want An AA in office. Powell would have been better as well as any number of AA people qualified and experienced. WAKE UP this one of the most important times in our country life and the constitution be waylaid isn’t the way to lead. make the DNC accountable .

    — apachegrl

  2. It wasn’t so much, if at all, that Obama went from being a so-called messianic figure to that of flat-out lying and ambitious flip-flopper.

    It’s that the veil’s been blasted away from the eyes of those who got swept up by the sweet-smelling excrement he peddled as change and hope and whatever else the misnamed “news media” called it.

    The light of the truth about him and his hollowness and ignorance did the blasting.

    It was always just a matter of time before that happened–and before his ego truly outran who he may be, if even he knows that–and that people saw or began to see him for the charlatan he’s always been.

  3. If all the Hillary supporters who have witnessed the way she has been treated, the out-right lies(racism)and complete comtempt. Still harbor any doubts about voting McCain this Nov. Compare this………… to way Obama & his minions raect towards her.

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