Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 10, 2008

Retire Hillary’s Debt: The Final Push [Update]

Our Independence Day fundraiser was enormously successful, with reports circulating that half of her debt is now retired. 

However, Alegre is reporting that there has been confirmation that Friday is the arbitrary deadline made by the DNC by which Hillary can collect funds to retire her debt. [UPDATE] Heidi Li has been in contact with Hillary’s head of finance and has been alerted that July 15th is the date by which the campaign would like to have the bulk of the debt paid off, but that there is no official closing date. Still, if you haven’t donated yet, do so! Nothing else matters if her debt isn’t retired. 

We are now making our final push to move Hillary toward full independence. For the next 48 hours, ditch the “rock-star” and the lattes, and fork out five bucks for Hillary.

Now is the time. Five dollars is a small amount to help repay Hillary for all she has done and continues to do for us. Doesn’t she deserve $5 for her “Nay” vote on FISA? Doesn’t she deserve $5 for returning to the Senate so soon, and with a smile? Doesn’t she deserve $5 for not releasing her delegates so she can fight for the issues she and we fought for are on the Party platform?

Let’s show Hillary we are still standing with her.



  1. I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Go on, Hillary!

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