Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 11, 2008

To Flip or to Flop: Obama’s Iraq Catch 22

By now we are all aware of Obama’s foreshadowing of his eminent flip…er…”refinement” of his Iraq withdrawal policy. Well, it looks like the commanders and generals he plans to talk with upon is Iraq visit, are already making their opinions known.

No matter what, this does not bode well for Senator Obama, nor his core supporters. He’s caught in a catch 22 now.

He can stand firm on his 16 month plan and look naïve and inexperienced, or he can change his position, be painted a flip-flopper, lose core support, and give more credibility to McCain, who will snatch the “judgment” mantle from Obama. 

My best guess, is that he’ll do what he’s already done, flip-flop, and again cede the Republicans the foreign policy and national security high ground, while allowing his core support to erode even further in a vain attempt to run to the Right.



  1. Lol josgirl!

    It is a sucker bet 🙂

  2. iam0nly1, “…My best guess, is that he’ll do what he’s already done, flip-flop…”
    Come on, no fair.
    Sucker bet.

  3. This will not help him along with the Iraq war plan of his! He is now going back to take a serious look at Dodd for VP…What a pair that would be!

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