Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 12, 2008

Retire This!

Just in case anyone missed it, here’s one of our amazing PUMA spokespeople, Will Bower of Puma08, telling the world that Hillary’s supporters are still here, we’re committed to retiring her debt, and that Howard Dean, Donna Brazile and the DNC will not silence us, much less Hillary. 

Let’s let Obama and the DNC know that we don’t need them. Dig deep people and make a final push to retire Hillary’s debt. And as an added bonus, if you donate $50 you get the amazing shirt that won Chelsea’s t-shirt contest, for free.

What could be better than helping to retire Hillary’s debt AND getting an amazing t-shirt that you can proudly wear no matter what?



  1. Why should Obama help Hillary retire her debt? She made it she should pay for it! When my bills come every month the creditors are asking me to pay them. Does this mean I can ask you instead? Just like a Clinton. They want someone else to pay their bills. Remember whitewater?

  2. Im considering voting for McCain! But Obama did say he would make mens and womens pay equal and my husband said that if I vote for McCain we better have more babies because we will need them to go and fight in his wars. I do not want to send my children off to go fight in a war, do you? I wonder what things will look like 4 years down the road for Sen Clintons run. The wars cost the country a lot of money to fight and the economy is pretty bad. Can we take a chance with McCain doing more of the same?

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