Posted by: Puma1 | July 18, 2008

[GUEST POST] Before Europe Tour, Obama Hates on Americans for Not Speaking French, Spanish…Media Silent

by Matt Jordan, Los Angeles


Well I was born in a small town
And I live in a small town
Probably die in a small town

~ as performed by John Mellencamp


Ah, small town Americans with their guns and their religion. Antipathy for those who aren’t like them. Kansas values and American traditions…a speech on patriotism. What else can Senator Obama do to win over those precious working class folks that gave him the voting finger during the Democratic primary? Oh, oh, I know this one, pick me, pick me. Senator Obama can express his shame for those who aren’t bilingual. He can make fun of the very people he’s trying to appeal to in front of his base:

“I get embarrassed when Americans go to Europe and the only thing they can say is merci boucoup.”

Well I’m sorry Senator Obama for lacking in the French language. Perhaps my high grocery bill and the $175 bucks I spent on gas keeps me from cracking open the old Rosetta Stone:

“How can you say that immigrants have to speak English when they come to America? Americans need to learn Spanish.”

Well America’s primary language is English Senator Obama, I mean that’s the unifying language…you know? Isn’t Obama all about unity?

I want to apologize to all of Senator Obama’s worldly supporters. It seems you care about what the world thinks of America and her dumb citizens more than you care about what we think of each other as Americans and how we treat each other. I guess us small town folks are too inept to carry on a decent conversation. I mean all we do is shoot r guns and we cluuuuutch ar babbles, yehaww heuck, heuck.

You know it wasn’t what Senator Obama said that offended me, it was the fact that he’s trying to relate to middle America in one breath, and in the other he’s insulting them. And of course the media didn’t report this because well, they agree with Senator Obama. They think middle America is racist, inept, small minded bunch of rednecks that don’t have a clue.

Just when I was about to commend Barack Obama for acknowledging the fact that the interview with Access Hollywood was a mistake, and it was, he turns around and makes these condescending remarks about yep you guessed it, small town Americans. You know what? Who cares if we can’t speak Spanish or dazzle the Europeans with our skills in the French language.

We’re too busy living OUR OWN lives the way WE want and we’re too busy trying to make OUR lives better for our families and for ourselves.

….Elitist much, Senator?

….Git er dun?




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  3. Another point about working class Americans that The Selected One doesn’t seem to get: they can’t afford to go to Europe, even if they could speak French when they got there. This is like Michelle Obama complaining about $10,000 piano lessons to a group of poor Appallachian women. Unbelievable!

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