Posted by: iam0nly1 | July 21, 2008

Fowler’s Foul Note Contradicts February Remarks

Our last post addressed the condescending letter, sent by top DNC officials, Don Fowler and Alice Germond. 

It now seems the letter is a stark change of tune for Mr. Fowler. Here’s a video of him just in February discussing the role of automatic delegates (superdelegates), the popular vote, and the convention [H/T to Hillary Loyalist Now for McCain]:

A few things to note from this video. 

1) He notes that if the automatic delegates votes ultimately give the nomination to the individual who did not win the popular vote, it would be highly problematic, controversial, and ultimately it “would bother him a great deal.” Why now is he telling us that “Barack Obama won” when Obama did not win the popular vote, nor does he have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination as of yet?

2) Fowler explains that usually automatic delegates vote for the individual who won their state or district. We know that had this occurred this election, Hillary Clinton would have and should garner the overwhelming majority of automatic delegates, being that she won the largest states, the most counties and districts, and ultimately the popular vote. I’m sure we can all think of at least a few high profile automatic delegates who have stated their intention to go against the will of their constituents and states by casting a ballot for Senator Obama (Richardson, Kerry, Kennedy, anybody in West Virginia, etc). 

3) It seems clear that concerns over a “contentious convention” and the possibility of an electoral loss in November are what is driving these “shut up and fall in line” talking points. It is also most likely the motivation for keeping Hillary’s name off of the ballot and not putting her into nomination. Senator Obama has won nothing. 

4) Most revealing and important, at the very end of the video, he makes a statement that makes it obvious that the automatic delegates do not vote until the Convention. He says he believes when we get to August there will be a “presumptive nominee” and that the automatic delegates will be there, “and cause no more stir than they have in the past.” This indicates that he is asserting that the nominee will be decided by the people and pledged delegates and the automatic delegates will simply sanction that. This is certainly not the scenario we find ourselves in now. Automatic delegate “pledges” are being counted in Senator Obama’s delegate count, and they should not be. Automatic delegates “making their preferences known” is simply a temporary verbal show of support, and we know from Senator Obama how easily pledges and promises can be broken. Already, 11 automatic delegates who had voiced support for Obama have switched to Hillary in July. Further, automatic and pledged delegates vote by secret ballot at the Convention, so they can easily do what they deem to be appropriate at the time. 

This video gives me even more reason to believe that Mr. Fowler is a secret PUMA sending out inflammatory letters to stir the pot.


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