Posted by: Puma1 | July 24, 2008

While Obama Cheats on America in Berlin, Buddy Edwards Allegedly Cheats on Wife in Beverly Hills

by David Jamal, Founder & Administrator, DONE

Your cheatin heart
Will make you weep
You’ll cry and cry
And try to sleep
But sleep won’t come
The whole night through
Your cheatin heart
Will tell on you
~ as performed by Hank Williams, Jr.


Obama just can’t seem to get a handle on these How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love American Symbols issues.

Hey, Senator? Either you’re proud of America, or you aren’t. Either the stars and bars inspires that pride in you, or it doesn’t. Not rocket science, just patriotism. You feel it, or you don’t. Either way you’re doing a pathetic job of faking it.

No one bought it when, after many fortnights of refusing to wear a flag pin and hanging out with domestic terrorists, Obama suddenly decided it was time to put on a pin (did the sky fall, Senator? how hard was that?) and disown his heretofore un-disownable America-hating friends and advisors. Totally disengenous, dishonestic and opportunistic, of course, but baby steps are always welcome.

Now, off on his Grand One World Lovefest Rally totally NOT campaign related Senate fact-finding mission in Europe and the Middle East and away from the prying eyes of those pesky, suspicious, undecided American voters, Obama has decided he’s back to no longer caring for our silly old flag and has, get this, scrubbed all traces of it from his campaign plane.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Here’s a May file photo of Obama’s plane back when he was patriotic a few weeks ago:

Back in the day when Obama loved America last week...

Back in the day when Obama loved America last week...

And here’s a Chicago Sun-Times picture of his new, improved European-edition plane with the flag curiously replaced with…wait for it…his own logo:

not good enough for Europe anymore (suck it Iwo Jima soldiers!)

The American flag: not good enough for Europe anymore (suck it Iwo Jima soldiers!)

Hmmm…what an odd coincidence. Obama goes to Europe and his newfound pride in the American flag disappears. I haven’t been this shocked, shocked since Obama replaced the Presidential seal with his own. But, hey, with all the flip-flopping, promise breaking, and lying he’s been doing since becoming the presumptive selectee — the latest Obama whopper has him in Israel falsely delcaring he sat on the Senate Banking Committee — least he’s making sure to keep the god-damn America vote locked up!

You have to give it to the man. He knows his audience. If it isn’t telling rich San Franciscans how clingy, bitter and backwards small town Americans are, its hiding the American flag from Europeans and making up stories about sitting on the Banking Committee when talking to Jews. Maybe he should run for Fuhrer of Europe or Mayor of San Francisco next — I’m sure they’d be glad to have him.

You also have to wonder about the wisdom and efficacy of Obama’s latest campaign flyer, a German-language poster promoting his totally apolitical NOT campaign related speech this week in Berlin:

Germany circa 1938 or America circa 2008?

Now, given that the Obama camp has stressed that this is NOT a political event, given by a Senator who may or may not already be President of the United States according to 1) the aforementioned seal and 2) this bizarre exchange between a reporter and a senior Obama advisor

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

“But he is not president of the United States,” a reporter reminded the adviser.

…one has to wonder then why the campaign is in Germany passing out flyers paid for by his campaign, not his Senate office, emblazoned with a frightening Mao-meets-Saddam floating Obama head and replete with proto-Soviet bloc Fritz Lang expressionist design. Add the German language and it looks like…well, if you know what Triumph des Willens refers to you know what it looks like.

I guess the Obama campaign thinks the site of a sea of Germans swaying under Obama’s spell is going to peer pressure all those gun-totin, church-goin centrists born in place like West Virginny, Gawga, and Missourah to vote for him. I don’t know why they keep confusing us with his friends in Chicago and San Francisco, but I say they just go for the gusto and pass out armbands, too. Why play pretend? Do the damn thang!


In other news, the blogosphere is all atwitter with word that Obama’s great buddy and possible veep choice  John Edwards may be cheating on his wife, the great Elizabeth Edwards.

Ruh roh.

Double ruh roh.

Call me an alarmist, if this turns out to be true — and we hope and pray it is not — I don’t think this will be very good for John’s image…although given the way we Democrats responded to Bill’s selfish affairs — by villifying his unduly loyal wife — you never know. One must wonder why the Edwardseses are not getting out ahead of this rumor and squashing it. If this is false, then they should end all speculation pronto.

But true or false, when John’s endorsee Obama lands on American soil, expect some pontificating about how this is “not the John Rezko he knew” or how he “only did a few hours of legal work for him and hardly knows him” or how he “could no more disown Rev. Edwards than he could disown Bill Clinton” while the American flag is repainted onto the tail of his campaign plane in the background…

Anyone up for a Hillary Clinton/Liz Edwards wronged woman ticket in 2016? Talk about your guaranteed health care!



  1. What’s wrong with Edwards getting sex from someone f the wife has cancer? A man has to have his needs met. So STFU! Enough with the moral pontification. Most moralists end up getting exposed as the biggest hypocrites so WATCH OUT!

  2. So many times I would love to have Obama answer some real questions … is he the American Idol star of politics? And then the American taxpayers are paying for this trip? Isn’t that illegal to campaign for president in a foreign country?

  3. There is no end to that man’s ego.

    Alix F

  4. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Stars and Bars was the Confederate battle flag. Old Glory is the Stars and Stripes.

    Sorry for the typo.

    Thank you for the correction!

  5. Not to put to fine a point on it, but the Stars and Bars was the Confederate battle flag. Old Glory is the Stars and Stripes.

  6. Man, oh man – in what world does mister Glibama lives? And those Germans?
    What a piece of crap his alternative “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech for those silly Karl May readers is!
    The right name for Glibama’s latest would be “Hussein’s Magic Carpet Trip In His Newly Annexed 7 Union States.”
    A delusional & narcissistic, Lyondon LaRouche-like lout, this presidential candidate rallying anti-American, left-wing foreign politicians and crowds to bolster his electoral chances in America – yes, we reached this point.
    The job of a US president is to protect and advance America’s legitime interest, not to serve internationalist coteries or to pander to the devious Europeans’ – unredeemable appeasers, enablers, @#$%&, pimps and profiteers – laziness and cowardice.
    What a shame! a shameless stunt, coming from an deeply unpatriotic Democrat Party which is propping a singularly unAmerican candidate for the job.
    Why bother to enlist voters in US penitentiaries when you can get all those whorish Euros to press their interests from there? Ask the Euros: instead of ranting about human rights and swooning about Glibama, why don’t you send a few more soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq – why America is to pick up the tab for that collection of coward and duplicitous European appeasers time and again?
    We did it thrice last century with enormous price and the response was always backstabbing. The notion that America has special ties with Europe is a fantasy, and a very costly one for that matter – out of this racket, we have different necessities to address and keeping the Euros afloat at any price is/should not one of them.
    As far as Glibama, his narcissism and naivity has crossed well into the realm of pathological (cynically exploited by the Democrat crew), and it looks like that simply there is no limit as to how low & destructive Glibama would go to fulfill the dream from his father – limelight, limelight, more limelight and never enough limelight.
    Gross stunt this is, and also revealing that the anti-Americanism is the chief mobilizing drive of the liberal crowd – and since here, a realistic anticipation: the libs will break any record of electoral fraud in this fall’s election.

  7. Obama really needs to get it together. This thing in Germany, in front of Nazi memorabilia, and claims that he’s already the president are way over the top. I think all the fatigue is making he and his staffers lose their minds.

    But, whoa, I hope this stuff about John isn’t true. I really like Elizabeth and how she continues to say that Hillary’s health care plan is better…because it is.

    Also, I’m up for a “wronged woman” ticket, but in 2012, not 2016. Call me impatient 🙂

  8. 1- Mr. Edwards should have kept his mouth shut until Denver. His wife too. There was no need for them to join Mr. Richardson’s team of endorsers.

    2- You’re right, there is a Nazi-propaganda look to the entrance ticket. The ticket mentions that people should not bring in posters, etc.

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