Posted by: Puma1 | October 9, 2008

Ego Gone Wild! Voters Think New OBAMA Cable Channel is ‘Unsettling,’ ‘Creepy’

Hmmm, well Obama’s friends said Hillary had a sense of entitlement to the Presidency. But she never created her own personal Presidential seal like Obama did, and she NEVER had the media give her a whole television channel.

That’s right folks, brace yourselves. For millions of satellite owners, Channel 73 on your dial is now officially the OBAMA Channel, all Obama, all the time:

Obama has is own channel on Dish Network!

Ripley's Believe it or Not: Obama already has his own television channel on Dish Network! Whoa!

I can’t speak for all progressive Democrats, but I find the idea of Chinese style state-run television a little bit frightening. Advertising is one thing, but having your own cable television channel sort of pushes it, Mr. Obama. The idea of a President, let alone a Presidential candidate, having his own channel for propaganda use is a little too Soviet, too 1984 for me, in addition to being in plain poor taste.

But Barack Hussein Obama seems to have no problem picking up where Saddam Hussein and Chairman Mao left off, all but using the OBAMA Channel to hypnotize voters into worshipping him as Supreme Leader:


Unfortunately for HRH Obama the Great, this comes at a time when videos of the emerging Obama Youth Army, in which innocent children and teenagers are forced into singing paens to their Leader Obama…

…or forced into marching and chanting cadences in His name…

…calling Obama “Alpha, Omega,” which is Greek for ‘Beginning, End’ and usually reserved as a reference to a little rabbi from Nazareth named Jesus Christ:

Whether you find this sort of Obama worship sacriligeous or disturbing (or both), it is clear that the indoctrination of kids for idol worship is undemocratic and anti-American. I don’t want my kids lulled into communist-style complacency by singing songs about ‘happiness’ and ‘freedom’ when in fact the result of brainwashing in ‘apathy’ and ‘slavery.’ All that’s missing is the Obama salute!

Perhaps Obama’s official campaign photo should show him with a crown of thorns? I mean, really, the OBAMA Channel? Could he be any more presumptuous and arrogant?

The folks over at the Hillary Clinton Forum are alternately flabbergasted and flat-out frightened by the OBAMA Channel and Obama youth:

Well, wouldn’t Hilter and Goebbels be proud! BO’s got his own TV station even before he has control of the government! – monoroid

Scary! – ginamc

One of the creepiest things I have ever seen. – CChick

Barack TV? Next, they’ll build a temple for him … oh wait they already did that in Denver. – PP

The children being brainwashed and acting like Hitler Youth only with Obama’s name…And now his own TV station? If I didn’t know better I would think I was living in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. I never thought we would see this kind of thing happening in our own country. – Avalon

More than a little disturbing. – NBM

Obama T.V. + Student Indoctrination = Totalitarian State. Orwellian… What’s next? Swear your allegiance to Obama, if not you will flunk your class? – gmc

This guy is an ARROGANT, NARCISSISTIC POWER-MONGER …egomaniacal. – Gina

Everything is about increasing his access to power and control. – freethinking


Barf… – JustMy.02

I have a feeling that if elected Obama will put William Ayers in charge of Homeland Security. He can say he has experience because he knows his way around the Pentagon. – skylight

Freaky!! – Laura

Each day new and more sickening, frightening information…Kids behave like they’re in the Moonie Cult. News Casters’ legs are tingling. Glad this will be over soon. – southern k

I’m so schocked I don’t know what to say – okbiograd

NORTH KOREA uses the same technique – children sing to their dear leader. – wchick

What will be next? Plans for Whitehouse construction adding a dome and spire like the Kremlin? Or a draft constitutional amendment set for siging on Jan 9th renaming our coutry to the USSA? We should all be very very afraid – Tague

I find the blatant comparison with Jesus most unsettling of all — and not because I’m a Christian, because I’m not… Obama has overstepped himself again. – Tom

I am officially scared. What the heck is going on this country?!? – Ray of Hope

Scary, scary, scary!!! Obama’s is the Alpha and Omega alright…he’s going to be the beginning of a socialist police state…and the end of America as we know it today! – Seattle Dem

kinda reminds me of what happend in germany during ww2 . to the german kids . – boogieman

An Obama channel? That’s just creepy. – NileQT

WHAT IS GOING ON with all these child indoctrinations?! Why are they always centralized around praising OBAMA by name – pledging allegiance to a leader rather than a country is beyond creepy! The American public will find this highly disturbing…you can’t argue that this is not sick. – writer

Maybe we’ll get lucky and God will zap Obama with a bolt of lightening for the “Alpha and Omega” bit. – MK

George Orwell’s vision of 1984 comes one step closer to reality. – HumbleDave

Yikes! Let’s hope the OBAMA Channel and the Obama camps and youth training will not turn American kids into unthinking zombies. Let’s hope Obama has the good sense to make this television channel go the way of his Presidential seal: into the ‘do not pass go’ file of campaign tactics. There’s enough terrifying stuff on cable already (anybody ever catch a glimpse of the new season of reality freak show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on Oxygen Network? *shudder*)

Meanwhile, let’s hope the McCain campaign realizes that Obama is not the second coming of Jimmy Carter, or of Paris Hilton, as they have argued. He is not just an inexperienced celebrity politician, but also something much more sinister. McCain should be telling the American people that Obama seems to be positioning himself as the second coming of Jim Jones, David Koresh, or if he is elected, something far far scarier!



  1. I understand Obama is paying for the Obama channel…however I find this channel, that comes over a service I pay for, very offensive.

    I’m in the middle of an 18 month contract…is there any way to get out of this?
    Call or write DISH Network and complain. I did!

  2. Just proves what I have suspected for months. He
    is totally self absorbed and nothing like he pretends to be. If the people elect this man, America can forget everything it has stood for
    in the past. All the men and women who died in
    all the wars from the Revolutionaary War to the
    present, will have died in vain. He doesn’t aspire
    to the presidency to help America but to turn it
    into something like what our citizens fled from
    when they or their parents came here. America,
    The Brave, is gone unless we stop him on Nov. 4.
    May God Bless America Once More.

  3. This is exactly what I and many others have been talking about. But why is it that the Main Stream Media want this guy to be their god? How can any parent believe this guy is concerned for thier children? What will history remember about Obamanation?

  4. (Stumbled across this blog…hoping to find some sanity amongst the cult-like air/environment we are all living in here.)

    I’m a mom of two preschoolers and my kids will NEVER be burdened with the political rancor any more than having to endure their mommy’s stress over it from time to time. These disturbing videos, along with:
    1. Farrakan’s (spelling) endorsement of Obama as Messiah
    2. Chicago thuggery/mob connections
    3. Ayers/socialist networking/Soros
    4. Rabid Palin smearing and opposition threatening…anyone remember what Margaret cho said?
    5. Race baiting
    6. Acorn, Acorn, Acorn
    7. and the media lulled into a stupor, unable or unwilling to equally cover ANY of this is shocking.

    My little girl just turned one. Popular or not, I look a little like Sarah Palin, talk a little like her and think a lot like her. I would hope my little girl would look at me or other women in politics with admiration and not hear hate spewed and see vile, debased comments on tshirts. What has our society come to?

    The heart of men…makes me wonder…

  5. Oh, and ya’ll made my Team Sarah blog today!

  6. Many of my Democratic peers seem to think this kind of thing is perfectly OK.

    Obviously, D.O.N.E. Democrats do not.

    Neither do I, and sometimes that makes me feel “old fashioned.” I mean… am I missing something? Is it good for the US government to own television channels and buy up time on others? In order to spout propaganda, nonstop, 24 hours a day?

    Isn’t it enough to have town halls and debates? And to run 30 second ads? Maybe publish an occasional Op Ed?

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember being taught that the government should not own the airwaves in a democratic country. Nor should they own the presses.

    When I was in grade school, I remember seeing 8mm film of kids being indoctrinated under dictatorships. The good sisters I was educated by told me that was wrong. And, I remember thinking… “that can’t happen here.”

    Was I wrong? Apparently so. Cuz those 8mms looked just like these Obama videos.

    Now I don’t deny that we always get a fair amount of subtle indoctrination here in the US. Some of it, during a standard election season, is pretty “in your face.” Personally, I am one to go outside US news sources to find the “real news.” Or at least to balance what I can find here. Typically I rely on the BBC and a few Scandinavian sources as well as NPR and PBS.

    But…. camp Obama is truly pushing the envelope in my opinion.

    Is this stuff gonna continue after the election is done? Will Obama keep his TV channel and use it to push his agenda? Will teachers still make kids march around their schoolyards chanting about how Obama is “Alpha and Omega?” Will music lessons center upon singing Obama anthems?

    I am asking, not to be flippant, but because I really want to know what Mr. Obama is planning.

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