Posted by: Puma1 | October 15, 2008

Tonight, will McCain ask Obama to come clean about Wright, Ayers, Rezko, ACORN, his missing birth certificate, the race card, and ‘spreading the wealth around’?

Today, there are several articles out about the era of small government being dead — a direct reference to Bill Clinton’s famous declaration “The era of big government is over.” The divided government during the Clinton years — the balanced budgets, sensible tax plans, free trade, and cuts to welfare — produced unparalleled peace and prosperity for the United States of America and budget surpluses that have since been squandered.

The looming election of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the land signals that the days of Clintonian style Third Way centrism may be coming to an end. Hence all the ominous articles about the end of small government.

Bill Clinton, we know, is apopleptic about what Obama has done to the Clinton legacy. John McCain needs to reach out to disaffected Democrats by reminding them why they opposed Obama in the first place: his inexperience.

But McCain needs to do more.

He needs to confront Obama, face-to-face, about his troubling lack of judgment.

McCain must demand Obama come clean about his relationship with Rev. Wright, the racist, anti-American pastor who mentored Obama for twenty years.

McCain must demand Obama come clean about his relationship with Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist who helped Obama launch his political career.

McCain must demand Obama come clean about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the convicted felon who Obama said he barely knew (a lie) and who has been a major patron for Obama’s campaigns.

McCain must demand Obama Obama come clean about ACORN, the activist group under investigation in multiple states for voter fraud, who Obama at first said he had no relationship with (a lie) and but who using nearly a million dollars in funds from the Obama campaign in its current efforts.

McCain must demand that Obama come clean about the questions surrounding his birth certificate. When Obama inevitably says that voters want to move past these rumors and stick to real issues, McCain should agree and point out that if Obama would just come clean and produce his birth certificate voters COULD move past the issue.

McCain must demand to know why Obama and his surrogates insist on playing the race card against anyone who questions his character, judgment, or associates. McCain must remind Clinton Democrats that Obama played the race card against Bill and Hillary Clinton. McCain must tell the American public and the media that raising legitimate questions about Obama’s judgment and asking him to come clean about the decisions he’s made in the past is not a racist attack.

McCain must demand to know exactly what Obama meant when in response to a question about his planned tax raise, Obama told an Ohio plumber that he intended to respond to individual success by “spreading the wealth around.’ McCain must not be afraid to use the word socialist. McCain needs to tell voters that his tax plan is not socialist; Obama’s is.

McCain needs to keep Obama on the defensive. On behalf of responsible Democrats and Republicans everywhere, McCain needs to demand answers. McCain needs to keep pressing Obama until he comes clean on these issues.

If John McCain does these things tonight, he will win the election. If he does not, he will not.



  1. I don’t understand why McCain himself has to raise Wright. Wright is a factor and I suspect that everybody who followed this election knows about Wright and Obama. Others can raise it for him.

    Ayers and Rezko are worse for Obama, because he cannot use religion or the race card to deflect the attack. ACORN is also a relevant issue.

    The birth issues have not reached yet the right level of plausibility and simplicity.
    He has to raise Wright because if he does not, he will lose.

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