Posted by: Puma1 | October 17, 2008

Make a Difference Today– Help Stop Media Witch Hunt Against Joe the Plumber and His Son

Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher is under attack from the Obama media and the fringe elements of the far left. Because he stood up to the Obamamessiah, they are digging into Joe’s tax records, his divorce records, his voting records and more. Even Barack Obama and Joe Biden have gotten in on the act, bullying and mocking Joe Wurzelbacher with the same kind of out of touch attacks that have John Murtha in hot water for dissing Western Pennsylvanians. And, surprise surprise, some are calling him a racist.

This is disgusting. Joe is not a candidate or a paid spokesperson. He is a regular, gun and religion-clinging bitter American who is speaking out for a better world for his son and his fellow Americans.

Is this what America can expect under an Obama regime, for anyone who dares to question The One to be harassed? It’s interesting that the mainstream media has managed to quickly launch a witch hunt against Joe – but still have not yet asked Obama to come clean about Ayers, ACORN, his unrealistic big government spending plans, or his socialist pledge to “spread the wealth around.”

Attacking national figures like Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, and Sarah Palin is one thing. But this unfair attack on Joe the Plumber cannot be tolerated. Take a little time to let the media elites know we will not stand for their revolting KGB-style smear tactics against private, patriotic Americans!

1. Write Politico, which 24 hours after the debate had no less than three articles attacking Joe. The authors of those articles can be reached at 1) (Jonathan Martin) and 2) (Ben Smith).

The authors of the other attack article can be contacted through these forms:

1) Carrie Budoff Brown:

2) Amie Parnes:

2. Write ABC news, which had a front page article on its website attacking Joe for being less than $1,200 behind in his taxes – like that’s a crime in this economy. The smear artists at ABC can be reached through Peter Salinger, who is in charge of NBC’s election coverage, by phone at 212-456-5105 or by email at You can also use this form:

3. Write NBC, whose article attacking Joe might cause him to lose his job because Joe is an unlicensed plumber (had NBC bothered to reveal that Obama hung out with terrorist and radicals as quickly as they invested Joe, Obama would have lost his job too). You can complain by phone at 212-664-4444 or by email to or (Steve Capus, President of NBC News).

4. There are three voices in the media sympathetic to Joe the Plumbers who can help stop this witch hunt. You can write Lou Dobbs at or through this feedback form: You can contact Sean Hannity at or through this feedback form:

5. The Daily Kos published Joe’s address, putting Joe’s son’s life in danger. Let your Congressperson know you are disgusted by the way Joe the Plumber is being treated by the media and far left bloggers like Kos. You can contact them by visiting this site and entering your zip code:

VERY IMPORTANT: Using the same form, enter Joe’s zip code (43615) and contact his Senators (Sherrod Brown-D; George Voinovich-R)  and his representative (Mary Kaptur-D) and ask them why they are not helping Joe fight these smears and protect his son.

6. Lastly, we need to flood the McCain campaign with support and emails, assuring them that McCain won the debate by turning up the heat on ACORN, Ayers, irresponsible spending, “spreading the wealth around,” and fines on those without health care. But let them know that having thrust Joe the Plumber into the spotlight, they need protect him from attack. The McCain camp can be emailed at or

Together, we can prevent the media from taking this election from the voters.

And just so you feel good afterwards, check out videos of McCain bringing down the house at the Al Smith dinner in New York:

Godspeed and God Bless America!



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  2. Isn’t anyone talking about Gross vs Net? I thought Joe’s inquiry was about whether Obama’s tax threshold on small businesses was 250k Gross?

  3. Maybe “Joe the Plumber” has a legal action against the media, for his loss of privacy and public disclosure of his personal information (libel or not).

    A private person has a constitutional right to keep his personal information private against a sleazy media. All comments that made public by the press were obtained, in majority, from private data.

    God help us if another candidate asks us ( Obama asked him about his profession), and we respond to the question.

    All this has the appearance of a “Gestapo like Press” or “Cuban Chivatos”.

    Obama’s after remarks of Joe’s alleged profession were cynic, self-serving, and demeaning of “small job America.”

  4. […] Make a Difference Today– Help Stop Media Witch Hunt Against Joe the Plumber and His Son “He’s trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he’s fighting for,” Obama […]

  5. Obama is such a liar. Today he is saying that McCain wants to cut Medicare. He says McCain has voted to cut Medicare 40 TIMES. This guy is a bigger liar than Clinton ever was. And I thought Clinton was damn good.

    But if this dude is elected his administration will hunt down anyone who criticizes The Obama. You will be called Racist, they will check out your tax status, send the Secret Service after you, they will investigate you down to the day you were born.

    Watch out BIG BROTHER WILL BE WATCHING YOU (if he isn’t already). Just ask Joe the Plumber. He challenged The Obama and look how he is being treated today. Never, never question The Obama is the motto of the Democrats and the media or you will live to regret it.


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