Posted by: Puma1 | October 22, 2008

Be Prepared to Faint: Obama Agrees with Biden that He Will Face a “Severe” Test. McCain Promises No Such Tests for Himself.

Well, Biden and Obama sure know how to reassure voters (sarcasm).

On Sunday, Biden warned that electing Obama would mean that America would face an “international crisis” because other nations would want to “test” such an inexperienced President.

This basically reinforces what all those many undecideds already know: that Obama’s inexperience and lack of Hillary-style strength puts the nation’s security at immediate risk and emboldens our enemies.

ABC reports that Biden is now playing the pay-no-attention-to-that-looming-international-crisis-behind-the-curtain act — pretending as though he never said them. No wonder, since the left-wing, prObama media is plainly covering for his multitude of gaffes. Meanwhile, Obama’s spin doctors have been flat-out lying about them, as the Real Clear Poltiics blog notes, claiming that Biden was referring to both McCain and Obama and indicating that any elected President would face an international challenge.

One, this is an obvious untruth, as Biden explicitly referred to Obama.

Two, John McCain has reassured voters that he can be counted on to protect and defend America and that rouge states would most certainly not dare to “test” McCain in the way that Biden promises they will “test” Obama.

Obama, for his part, has made the demonstrably dumb decision to back-up Biden’s comments. Incredibly, Obama himself agreed that he would face a national security crisis soon after taking office: “The next President is going to be tested no matter who it is,” Obama said today, after earlier noting that he expects the next President to be “severely tested.”

Severely tested?

This is utterly, utterly frightening. This sounds, to me, like Obama is inviting another war when that’s the last thing America needs. Obama’s remarks are a demonstration of precisely the kind of weakness and inexperience that Biden refers to.

Call me crazy, but if Biden and Obama are now basically guaranteeing an “international crisis” while McCain is promising nothing of the sort, who should we vote for? Why on earth should we vote for a guaranteed severe international crisis?

With two wars and economic troubles, Americans would be insane to vote in a President who invites severe tests and crisis. I think the President will have enough to deal with already.



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