Posted by: Puma1 | October 23, 2008

The Coming Neosocialist Regime: Who will be Obama’s Secretary of ‘Spreading the Wealth Around’?

Through no fault of his own, voters will elect John McCainsweeping the rug out from under the media and repudiating their nasty pro-Obama edge, embarrassing the pollsters, and crushing Obama’s army of uninformed minions.

McCain will have been helped by two Joes. The first is Joe the Plumber, the besieged single dad and citizen whose simple questioning prompted Obama to declared that he would “spread the wealth around.”  JTP revealed to the nation that far from being a bipartisan breath of fresh air, or even a standard tax-and-spend liberal, Obama is a neosocialist insistent on raising taxes to redistribute wealth. There can no longer be any denying it, now that bombshell 2001 audio of Obama complaining that the courts should do more to redistribute wealth and radicalize the Constitution has been revealed:

Where’s old man McCarthy when you need him?

The second Joe raining on Obama’s parade is his own running mate, Joe the Gaffemaster, who when not asserting that the word “jobs” has three letters is busy reminding voters that electing Obama would generate an “international crisis” because our enemies would be emboldened by Obama’s “youth,” inexperience and weakness.

Will voters willingly elect a guaranteed International Crisis? Doubtful.

Still plotting how to best turn Biden’s latest mega-gaffe into a television ad, McCain is at least already up with an effective ad explaining how Obama’s “spread the wealth” neosocialism attacks the American Dream — or as McCain abbreviates it — “taxes” the American Dream:

But what if McCain is overestimating voters? What if he loses, and the Obama-Pelosi-Reid neosocialist revolution takes hold?

First order of business is, who will be Obama’s Secretary of Spreading the Wealth Around in the new Department of Wealth Redistribution?

Will it be David Brooks, the “conservative” columnist who prefers Obama’s socialism to McCain’s moderation because Sarah Palin doesn’t quote Doystoevsky…and who knew Brooks’s mentor Reagan was such an effete intellect?

Or, perhaps it will be Christopher Buckley, the “conservative” heir who — presumably because he’s confused Obama’s inertia with calm — stabbed his still-warm dead father in the back because he prefers the untested “international crisis” to the tested old soldier?

Will the “conservative” general Colin Powell, once head of the US Department of State, serve as Obama’s head of the Department of Wealth Redistribution? Yes, he is more a foreign policy maven than a domestic issues guy, but at least he has already has a track record of undermining his country, then by cobbling together bad intelligence to lie the United States into war.

Or will “conservative” pundit Peggy Noonan step into this coveted role as the purveyor and enforcer of Obama’s neosocialist marching orders? Having spent the entire election season jealously tearing down the two prominent females in the race, a stint in Obama’s cabinet would allow Noonan to outflank both and run for the President of the United States herself in 2012 or 2016. This is, of course, presuming the United States survives the “international crisis” an Obama presidency apparently guarantees!

Being a left-leaning centrist and not a conservative or a “conservative” — I would prefer a Democrat in the role. I suspect Obama will, too. I therefore endorse John Murtha for Obama’s Secretary of Spreading the Wealth Around. After all, having called the people of Pennsylvania racist, and then apologized by upgrading them to rednecks, Murtha is poised to be out of job in January should the bitter, god- and gun-clingers of Pennsylvanians display any self-preservation and pride in the voting booth…as both I and Pennsylvania’s pro-Obama governor suspect sure they will.

Actually, scratch John Murtha. When Murtha goes down, he will take Obama with him by delivering Pennsylvania’s twenty-one electoral votes to McCain.

Which brings us back to the first sentence of this post.



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  2. 10-28-08
    Beijing, China
    Unassociated Fictional Press

    The Government of The Peoples Republic of China has unanimously
    endorsed McCain/Palin for President of the United States.

    “They are our kind of leaders!” says a Government spokesperson.
    “They understand that business and the government should be in control,
    not the silly workers, or ‘people’ as they sometimes call themselves.
    Also, we understand the Republic concept. It is Democracy we find

    A leading General, who wished to remain anonymous, had this to say
    about President McCain: “We planted many post-hypnotic suggestions
    in our former P.O.W.’s mind and we are beside ourselves with
    anticipation at having the opportunity to trigger them and have control
    of the white house without even having to wage a war…”

    “And if that fails,” a second anonymous official pipes in “it’s not like
    George W. Bush did not already sell it to us anyway.”

    P.S. We sure hope that Sarah Palin and her corrupt comrade Ted Stevens dream of
    a free Alaska comes true someday so we can do serious business.

  3. I’m one of those 40% who does not have to pay taxes. I’m 73 years old and I work 6 days a week. I dont want Obama’s handouts.

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