Posted by: Puma1 | October 28, 2008

Economy Rejects Obama’s Socialist Wealth Redistribution: McCain Fights to Within 2 Points, Stocks Respond with 900 Point Surge

The economy and the polls are reacting to Obama’s socialist economic policies of “spreading the wealth around” — as he famously told joe the Plumber — and of radicalizing the Constitution to “redistribute wealth” — as he told a radio station in 2001:

If there was any doubt that Americans are heeding Biden’s warning that electing the immature, inexperienced Obama would spur an “international crisis,” the double-digit lead Obama held in Gallup two weeks ago has vanished. McCain is now inside the margin of error, fighting his way back to within two points nationally according to the Gallup’s traditional likely voter model. Note, we can rely on the traditional likely voter model, now that it has been discovered that all those new voters the Obama camp is relying on and that ACORN registered don’t really exist.

Moreover, if there was any doubt that investors think Obama’s economic policies would be a disaster for the country, the markets reacted to news of McCain’s surge in Gallup and other polls by rising about 900 points.

Coincidence? Not according to the Investors Business Daily, up with an article explaining why investers are “fleeing” Obama, an assessment echoed by other economic observers who guess that the economy and its markets are fleeing the scary possibility of an Obama Presidency.

Let’s hope voters have the good sense to flee Obama also — thereby affirming the American Dream and the importance of national security — while rejecting socialism, constant race-baiting, “spreading the wealth around,” rampant media bias, radicalizing” the Constitution, “redistributing wealth,” and another “international crisis.”



  1. Looks like you guys didn’t have a clue what you were talking about.

    Stop swallowing the right-wing Kool Aid.

  2. Exactly he is violating the constitution. He is taking money from one group to buy the votes of another group. he is calling free money “tax cuts”.

    And ultimately he is cheapening and weakening our constitution which has been under assault by liberals for years. The path Obama is taking will destroy our democracy.

    People cannot simply vote themselves money at the expense of others, this is not allowed under the constitution.

  3. Entwife


  4. I have a burning question that no one is talking about. If elected, how would Obama take the oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?” Except by lying. Under oath.

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