Posted by: Puma1 | November 5, 2008

PUMAS Roar, GOP Base Gives Up: McCain Lost Because Republicans Wussed Out

Despite record high Democratic registration, McCain outperformed paltry Republican numbers by significant margins several in key states:


Dem voter advantage: 498,124; Obama margin of victory: 194,102


Dem voter advantage: 1,136,387; Obama margin of victory: 600,688


Dem voter advantage: 762,643; Obama margin of victory: 13,093


Dem voter advantage: 202,590; Obama margin of victory: 119,059


So in these states alone, McCain outperformed GOP deficits — in Florida by about 300,000 votes, in Pennsylvania by about 500,000 votes, in North Carolina by about 750,000 votes, and in New Mexico by about 80,000.

There are no registration numbers for other battlegrounds — like Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana — where Democrats were assumed to have gained ground, but where McCain lost by only a few percentage points. But if the trend holds true, it is likely McCain outperformed GOP deficits everywhere.

What does this mean?

It means the PUMA movement was successful in driving up McCain’s numbers, albeit not in defeating Obama. Democrats around the country voted for McCain and rejected Obama, putting country before party. Pennsylvania exit polls showed at least 20% of the 1,273,764 Pennsylvanians who supported Hillary in the primary, voted for McCain. PUMAS probably provided McCain’s 6,000 vote victory in Missouri.

By contrast, the GOP sabotaged itself, putting self over party and country, and handing the election to Obama — polls indicate that Republican turnout decreased sharply. How could this be with so much at stake? Could the GOP really not muster up 15,000 more votes in North Carolina? Or 200,000 more votes in Florida’s rural areas.

Given a choice between steak and rat poison, Republicans chose the poison, presumably because the steak was medium-rare instead of well done.

The election of Obama — who has pledged to redistribute wealth, radicalize the Constitution, and invite international crisis — means 3,000 federal appointments, validation of the media’s bias, and left-wing control of government for the foreseeable future.

McCain’s disinvitation from the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this year — where he was booed last year — proves the far right still doesn’t give it. Having twice squandered their chance to reclaim the center by fighting for McCain, they instead continue to slap him in the face because they disagree on a few wedge issues.

They did invite Palin, whom they love. But they are not as smart as she, for she knows an American hero when she sees one. Does Palin agree with McCain on immigration, on campaign finance reform, on the bailout? Probably not. But did Palin and the PUMAS recognize that McCain’s deep love of country and proven record of leadership was superior to the radicalism Obama offered? She did. She was right. But they are in denial, have lost the center, and are headed towards extinction — unless they never again do what they did yesterday by not standing up to fight.

The PUMAS did their part. The GOP betrayed them.

The PUMAS were anti-Bush before it was cool and will prove to have been anti-Obama before it becomes cool. They are now undeservedly exiled. The GOP, who folded tent and gave in, has a lot of soul searching to do and deserves its current marginalization. They can start redefining themselves by embracing John McCain’s revulsion for spending — and inviting him to speak at CPAC on that topic.


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