Posted by: Puma1 | November 11, 2008

McCain Money Audited, Obama to Escape — Will GOP Take the Opening, Slam Lack of Transparency?

As Politico and Hot Air are reporting, although Obama’s ruthless political machine has raised enough money to fund several federal bailouts — killing campaign finance reform in the process — there are no plans at the FEC to audit this operation so that the public may have full disclosure where this money came from. This, despite outstanding questions about illegal donations from foreigners and from credit card fraud.

Of course, this belies the President-elect’s pledges for more open and transparent government:

For those of us suspicious of Obama’s policies, this is no surprise. He escaped vetting and criticism for much of the Presidential campaign. It makes perfect sense — though it is equally wrong — that he would now escape having to account for indiscretions in illegal fund raising activity.

The unacceptable implication is that the White House is now and forever up for sale to the highest bidder:

But for a GOP currently doing a fair but overstated amount of soul-searching, this is the perfect chance for them to reclaim the mantle of responsible government. The entire conservative apparatus — talk radio, the Palin-bashing gliteratti, pundits, House leaders, Senate leaders, and the rank-and-file — must not allow the scandalous aspects of Obama’s fund raising machine to escape scrutiny.

PUMAs, GOPers, freepers, if you’re reading this, the fight to keep America from failing under Carter redux starts now! When the election is over, the real fight begins. American sovereignty, solvency, exceptionalism, and prosperity must be preserved. Black people, we cannot become dependent on Obama’s socialist giveaways of other people’s wealth, cedeing our independence, pride and unique culture to a massive, secular welfare state and culture of victimhood.

We all must stay on this story like white on rice until the Obama campaign agrees to an audit. Obama must keep his promises of change. That starts with his own transparency!



  1. Obama may have set more than total amount records for political fund raising. His fund raising may have set records for lack of transparency, lack of security, lack of citizenship for donors, and lack of integrity.

    The Obama fund raising scandal must be thoroughly investigated.


    Inspector GeneralMcFarland:
    Commissioner Bauerly:
    Commissioner Petersen:
    Commissioner Walther:
    Commissioner Hunter :

    Please urge the FEC to fulfill their responsibilities by doing a full and public investigation. You might give your Congresscritter a nudge as well.

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