Posted by: Puma1 | November 13, 2008

The Electable Hillary Clinton: Polls Show HRC Would Have Won By Double-Digits, Dems Miss Out on Real Mandate

The front page of telling us what we already knew:

The story:

As voters left the polls on Election Day, many were asked how they would have voted if the election match-up were between Hillary Clinton and John McCain rather than Barack Obama and McCain. 52 percent said they would have backed the former Democratic candidate; 41 percent would have voted for McCain, wider than Obama’s 7-point margin over McCain.

Interestingly, 16 percent of McCain voters said they would have voted for Clinton, the Democrat, if she had been her party’s nominee.…y4596620.shtml

52-41. A true double-digit landslide. Let’s hope that if Mrs. Clinton makes a run in 2016, we no longer have to hear the nonsense media myths about how “polarizing” she’s supposed to be and how supposedly “unelectable” she is. She’s no more polarizing than the last five elected Presidents and appears to have more support than them all because left, right, Democrat or Republican, they all agree on a few things: at least Hillary Clinton loves her country, is competent and experienced, will fight for Americans till the bitter end, and can be counted on to protect and defend the homeland at all costs.

Mad respect to Mrs. Clinton.



  1. I agree with you regarding keeping a Clinton shadow government out of the White House. But I don’t mythologize Obama. I chose the better of two candidates, both during the primaries and the general election. He’s still just a man though. What happens in 2010 and 2012 depends on what happens in the country between now and then. It’s what got the GOP kicked out; it’s what will either keep or get rid of Obama.

    But as long as we’re talking, what was Clinton going to give us that we’re now going to miss out on? Tell me/us what ‘your leader’ (since you won’t recognize the one that was elected) was going to do, please.

  2. No need to get personal. I was just giving a plain english answer to what I thought was a sincere question. Apologies if that wasn’t the case.

    Perhaps if I ask one in return, you will do me the favor of answering it. Why didn’t all those ‘regular, hard working Americans vote for her then?’ Surely they are a majority of this country. Or if all of those who support her did vote for her, why is it so hard to move on? It just means it wasn’t her time and place.

    Actually, here’s an even better one, because I don’t know how I feel about it one way or the other, and perhaps you can offer me some insight. What do you think of the possibility of her becoming Secretary of State??
    No, you weren’t. You were giving a snarky, sarcastic answer, be honest.

    As a matter of all, all those regular hard-working Americans DID vote from her. If she had received her delegates from Michigan and Florida, the final results of the primary would have reflected that instead of the grand theft that was reflected.

    20% of Democrats voted for McCain. An estimated 10-15 million Republicans simply didn’t show up to the polls, but they will be showing up in 2010 and 2012, to Obama’s embarrassment. Why is it so hard for his supporters to get over that these people don’t and won’t ever support the Messiah?

    I think Hillary should stay far far away from the Obama administration. I don’t know why Obama would want a Clinton shadow government in the White House anyway, but at least it’s an acknowledgment on his part that all the Clinton-bashing and knocks on Hillary’s judgment and experience from him and his supporters was just so much nonsense. At any rate, it should make for a very entertaining four years.

  3. I’ve been looking on the Google Trends site, biography of rahm emanuel is a hot subject at the moment!

  4. In this context it is the opposite of an ‘elitist.’ It is someone ‘of the people.’ I’m pretty sure it’s in the dictionary.
    I’m pretty sure “condescending nonsense” is in the dictionary too, probably next to a picture of you. Since Hillary is a woman beloved of regular, hard-working Americans I don’t see how your question makes any sense at all.

  5. Am I to take it from this blog’s title that you believe Hillary to be a ‘commoner’ of some sort?? In what way is that the case?
    A commoner? What the hell does that even mean?

  6. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

  7. Many of us on the right found Hillary to be much more worthy of respect and patriotic than Obama. You definitely could have won by more with her….The white women vote went up 7% to republicans and Hillary might have stymied that.

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