Posted by: Puma1 | November 18, 2008

The Real Reason Obama Wants Mrs. Clinton in His Cabinet? To Silence Her and Her Supporters. Hillary, DON’T Do It!

The media is trumpeting Obama’s need for a Clinton in his cabinet as evidence of a mature, intelligent, magnanimous unifier who wisely wants to reach out to former rivals.

This is utter hogwash.

Obama isn’t “reaching out” to Hillary out of the goodness of his heart and for the good of the country. This is a cold, calculated dagger aimed at the heart of Hillary and Bill Clinton — and more importantly — into their still unbossed, unbought, and quietly plotting constituency.

Obama and Axelrod know, unlike the media, that his victory was not due to a sweeping mandate. As has been reported, fewer voters than ever identify as liberals — his base. Moreover, the turnout increase this year was neglible, and Obama owes his victory to them multiple millions of Republican voters who inexplicably sat this one out. Had the GOP turned out this year like they did in 2004, Obama would have lost big, because he lost about 20% of Democrats.

Those Democrats are Hillarycrats — and they are still sharpening the knives for Obama.

By having her as his Secretary of State, she would be effectively neutralized. More importantly, he will shield himself from the criticism of Democrats who still distrust him and are itching to give him and Pelosi’s Congress trouble. These Democrats are poised to point out every broken campaign promise; they can’t wait to declare Obama’s Presidency a failure and start plotting Hillary’s 2012 or 2016 comeback.

By making Hillary Secretary of State, Obama will destroy the still undead Clinton wing of the party by essentially taking it over from the top.

For those who think this position is a perfect place for Hillary to flex her political and intellectual muscle, you’re wrong. The Secretary of State is a figurehead with no real decision-making power. The National Security Advisor has more power and the Chief of Staff has more influence.

This Hillary-at-State brouhaha is a naked attempt by Obama to annihilate the ambitions of his chief rival: she’ll be traipsing around the world following his marching orders, while he and Pelosi are running the nation into the ground. As an added bonus, he’ll be able to blame her for his foreign policy disasters. And the icing on cake will be that as the nation turns away from him in 2010, she won’t be able to challenge him, having chosen instead to go down with his ship.

It’s obvious what the Affirmative Action Bush is trying to do. It’s not worth the risk, Hillary. Hillary, don’t do it!



  1. Hillary won’t take a job as SOS. She would be the most corrupt SOS of all time. Bill’s dirty money with the Colombian government, Kazakhstan, etc? He should be impeached for making such a stupid choice, but he knows she won’t take it.

    BTW, this is the worst and most transparent Hillary site I’ve seen yet. It is obvious that you were never going to vote for Hillary — constant linking to the National Review and Fox News? Sarah Palin support? This is a GOP front. I’ll bet the creator has a lot of fun coming up with these demented rants over some bagel chips and Frappucinos!
    Dear tecolote: get a life.

  2. Sound analysis. This gives me some more insights about the inner wranglings of the Democrats, and the reason behind Hillary’s invitation for her state sec post. …On the other hand, there’s the Wilsonian side to Hilary & Bill. In international relations, this would represent a shift in policy, from one of hawkishness to diplomacy surrounding civil rights causes as category for relating with other states. A return to Wilsonian cast is what is needed in foreign relations as I’ve been analyzing in my writes.

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